Getting ready for Halloween

Halloween is soon approaching so it’s time to carve your pumpkin, don your costume and most importantly decorate your haunted house. Here are VintageVibe’s spooktacular ideas for a hellish Halloween party…

Creepy Candelabra– Create the effect of a spooky haunted house by covering you candelabra, mirrors and furniture in spider webs. Stretch it taut over the candelabra and affix with sticky dots or bluetack.

Glam apple bobbing – Fill a silver plate punch bowl with water and apples to play the sophisticated version of apple bobbing. Use a stopwatch to see who can dig out an apple the fastest! No hands allowed!

Monsterous Fairy Cakes– Create a table centre piece by covering a gorgeous cake stand in delicious monster fairy cakes. Pile them high and surround with gummy eyeballs and chocolate frogs.

Mirror Mayhem– Download the Sainsbury’s bat template and cover your mirror in a colony of bats. The Ashton wrought iron mirror has a haunted house feel and would be fantastic to decorate.

Devilish Drinks– Shake up a dragon’s blood punch in the fire extinguisher cocktail shaker. Pour into a vintage style claret jug  then add some eye ball ice cubes to make some seriously freaky drinks!

Spooky Skulls– Decorate your dinner table with VintageVibe’s diamante encrusted skulls. To make them even spookier why not cover them in meat and surround with a meat or salad platter.

Lighting– Everything is creepier by candlelight. Decorate your dining table with our Halloween House lanterns. To bring in a bit of colour use these colour change smart candles.

Posh pumpkin– Give your pumpkin a proper place to sit on our black mirrored cube. Cover in fake blood and plastic spiders for extra ghastliness.


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