Wool Week

This week is Wool Week so at VintageVibe we are celebrating by writing about our lamb and sheep garden ornaments and offering you an exclusive discount (see end of article). These cute little critters aren’t just for the garden. VintageVibe have some amazing suggestions for ewe!

A Fool’s Stool
Our sheep figurines are just the perfect height to sit on at your dressing table. Why not put a lovely cushion on his back and sit on Shaun the sheep whilst you blow dry your hair? Or bring a bit of fun into your home office and use Aaron the sheep ornament as a computer stool?

Wedding Prop
Use Shaun the sheep as a baaaarmy prop for your wedding day. Place him and his friend Aaron inside or outside your marquee as extra seating for guests. Shaun makes a fantastic photo opportunity. Make him a feature and let guests get their photo sat on him.

Balcony Pet
If you are looking for a fluffy friend for your apartment, why not get a Shaun the sheep ornament as a balcony pet? Sit him on your balcony with a few pot plants to give the feeling you are out in the wild.

Out on the Lawn
Give your other half a hint about the lawn needing a mow by placing Shaun the sheep in your garden. With his life like appearance you may give you neighbours a bit of a shock!

Life Size Nativity
Is it too early to mention Christmas? With our figurines you can create a life size nativity scene in your home! Build your own manger for baby Jesus and surround him with our lamb and sheep ornaments. A quirky twist on Christmas decorations which beats your normal Christmas tree and tinsel.

Guru Sheep
In Shamanism sheep are a symbol of confidence in one’s abilities, courage to maintain balance , abundance and new beginnings  Place a sheep ornament somewhere prominent in your home to remind you to get in touch with your sheep spirit guide!

This week you can receive a £5 discount when purchasing a sheep! Use code: wooly


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