Just arrived..Colourful Patchwork Dining Chairs

We are very excited about a new product line that has just arrived here at Vintage Vibe so we thought we would dedicate a whole news blog post to it…Patchwork is in!

We are happy to introduce the new stunning colourful patchwork cube and sofa/window seat and this week we have some beautiful dining chairs in the same style arriving. We are yet to have the photographs taken for them but they will be finished and available on the Vintagevibe website on Friday and we will post the dining chair photos here then so keep a look out for them on our facebook page!

The patchwork pattern has a craft & folky feel which is very much an interior trend for 2012/13. The style has wonderful warm colours and an Autumnal feel to it and includes the very fashionable antique rose patches as well as stripes and floral patterns.

Here are the other items from this range:

Brighten up any room with this multi coloured patchwork cube stool. A padded cube stool covered in vintage style floral and patterned material, each side hand finished with matching buttons. Available to buy now for £60

Brighten up any room with this pretty multi coloured patchwork bench seat or small window seat and matching cube footstool A padded seat covered in vintage style floral and patterned material with four hand turned wooden legs. The matching footstool is covered in the same material and is hand finished with colourful buttons. Both are ideal for the end of a bed or as a dressing table seat. Come easy to assemble. Available for purchase now £135


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