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The clocks go back at 2am on Sunday 28th October. Sadly this weekend British Summertime is over and it’s back to Greenwich Mean Time. To cheer you up we have a special free VintageVibe gift; if you include a clock in your order and spend over £100 you will receive a free metal mouse door stop gift!

And to continue with the theme of clocks and time, our blog this week features our five favourite VintageVibe clock styles. Find out more about our clocks and which one will best suit your home…

A skeleton clock makes a great statement piece. At VintageVibe we have skeleton clocks in a variety of sizes and styles. Our Benjamin Skeleton Clock is very sleek and simple in design. The black frame and silver Roman numerals give it a classic look, making it a fantastic clock for a contemporary or period home. We recommend hanging your skeleton clock on a large light coloured wall to make your clock really stand out!

If you like retro you will love our 1950’s style Garbo clock. This clock would look fantastic in a modern kitchen with all the retro fittings. Hang it in your office above your rosewood desk and swivel chair.

Our vintage clocks will look beautiful in your bedroom or lounge. We have a range of vintage style clocks in muted colours; cream, soft gold, silver and bronze. These clocks suit homes with shabby shic or country style.

If you are looking for a unique clock you will love our figurine clocks. Our bulldog clock figurine is great for the dog lover. This clock will be a real talking point in your home. Place in your lounge in a prominent spot.

If you have the space why not go for a glamorous grandfather clock? Our red metal grandfather clock with it’s red metal mesh design and distressed clock face is suitable for both a modern or period home. Grandfather clocks are traditionally placed in the hall, but will also look fantastic in the lounge, home office or kitchen.


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