Bright Lights

Since the clocks went back our evenings are getting darker and darker. In the gloomy winter months when there is little natural light it is important to keep your home well lit. So this week we are focussing on VintageVibe’s amazing lighting, which will brighten up your home…

Pretty Lamps
Add a feminine touch with our two new lamps; the cherub lamp and feather lamp. Neutrals and whites are on trend for 2013 and can create a serene, peaceful living space. Our gorgeous feather lamp has a shiny silver base and the lamp is covered in hundreds of white feathers. Feathers are fantastic for adding texture to your home and can be used to create a dreamy white room. Our new cherub lamp is white with gorgeous cherub trinket sitting at the base and has a cappucino coloured shade. These new pretty lamps are perfect as bedside lamps and would also look great on a shabby chic sideboard in your living area.

Glamourous Chandeliers
A decadent chandelier can add instant opulence to your home. If you have a spacious home, a large chandelier hung in the reception creates a striking effect. The Marina tall chandelier with it’s white frame and shimmering crystals would look gorgeous on a high ceiling. If you have lower ceilings a shallow chandelier will add sparkle without taking up too much space. The Lucy chandelier has outstretched bronze arms and is bejewelled with short lengths of crystal which means it is only 69cm tall making it very versatile for smaller spaces.

Retro Lighting
Create a 1960’s vibe in your home with retro lighting, especially the Arco light. The Arco lamp was originally introduced by the Castiglioni brothers in 1962 and it still looks stylish today. Our replica Arco retro lamps are fantastic to illuminate your dining table or living space. Turn your home into a movie set with our movie tripod lamp. This striking retro lamp has adjustable spotlight and legs so you can focus the light just where you need it.

Crushed Glass
Our crushed glass lamps come in a variety of shades and are beautiful contemporary lights. They are covered in coloured crushed glass which creates a gorgeous shimmering effect. The bright blue and purple lamps would be fantastic with other colourful items to ‘colour block’ your space; a big trend this 2012. The black lamp, with it’s slightly gothic look, will create glamour in a boudoir. The grey lamp can be used amongst neutral shades to add a bit of sparkle. The Blanche crushed glass pendant globe would also be great in a neutral setting and reminds us of a snowball.

Quirky Lighting
To create a focus point in your room consider one of our quirky lamp styles. The replica Blackamoor table or floor lamps with shimmering gold detail would look fantastic in a bold sitting room. The replica Tiffany lamps are fantastic for adding a splash of colour to your home. These art nouveau style lamps will look gorgeous in your bedroom or lounge. If you have the ceiling height the Maddison multicolour chandelier is bright and fun. Hang it in your reception to create a colourful and welcoming entrance for your guests.


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