Home Christmas Decorations

This Christmas take your festive decorations further than just the tree. Jazz up your mantle with Christmas colours and trinkets. Dress up your dining table with an elegant centrepiece and silver plate pieces. At VintageVibe we have some creative, fun ideas to decorate your home this Christmas.

Mantle Decorations

To create a gorgeous Christmas mantle decoration you will need a pretty over mantle mirror, accessories and trinkets. The Alyson overmantle mirror or the oval crested mirror can be used with a white and green theme. The Brionne mirror would be fantastic for a silver theme. For a white and green theme cover the base of the mantle in some Christmas greenery, then embellish with fairy lights, white candles and candlesticks. Add some white mantle sitting cherubs to the centre of the display. For a silver theme spray some Christmas greenery and pine cones with silver spray paint and add a fontwell candlestick either side and a silver decorative key to complete the look. The silver LOVE letters could be added to the mantlepiece or placed elsewhere in the room.

Christmas Table Decorations

Create a stunning Christmas table with a chandelier, candelabra, multi-tiered silver server (cake stand) and silver plate accessories. Fill the extra large cake stand with decorative baubles to create a dramatic centrepiece. Either side of this place two Canterbury candelabra with long white candles to create beautiful light. Lighting the table with a shabby chic chandelier from above will also add to the mood. Then for further decoration you can add a Ford condiment set to organise all your condiments. To add a touch of colour fill the Ruby glass with brightly coloured sweets. To finish the look add a silver plate claret jug and a sea shell for your salt.

Creative Christmas Ideas

You can create some unique Christmas decorations using VintageVibe accessories. You can make a festive display using a birdcage. Your birdcage can be filled with flowers, Christmas greenery or shiny baubles to use as a table centrepiece. Or you can place a home-made robin inside it and embellish with a red ribbon. A gold crown can create a stunning table decoration. Thread holly and ivy through the gold crown and use as part of your mantle or table decoration. Our silver heart lanterns can be filled with bright coloured sweets and hung in your home.


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