2013 Home New Years Resolutions

Clear the Clutter
De-clutter your home in time for 2013. Have a fresh start this new year by getting rid of unwanted items. One suggestion for clearing out is to put items you are unsure about in a box and if in 6 months they haven’t come out it’s time to get rid! Anything you do keep, make sure you have a ‘home’ for it to keep it out of sight. A large, deep chest of drawers like the Sophie chest is excellent in the bedroom to keep all clothes stored neatly. Alternatively, for storage with character, the dolls house wardrobe has hanging space and drawers so is perfect to keep your bedroom tidy. In the sitting room a leather trunk is ideal to hideaway bits and bobs like boardgames and newspapers.

trunk coffee table L59 cutout

house wardrobe03

Get Organised
January is ‘Get Organised’ month. It’s a fantastic time to get on top of finances, sort out your stuff and organise your life. An organised home means an organised mind, so place your focus on getting it together in 2013 and you will reap the benefits. Research has shown that organised people are happier as they have increased focus and motivation. At Vintagevibe we have a few items which will make your life easier and help you stay organised. Keep your post neatly sorted with the silver plate Letter rack. Stay on top of your paperwork with the office tidy storage boxes. Hang the bird hooks conveniently by the door to hang your keys and never lose them again!

box files 2 (640x626)

letterrack crop (640x465)

Create a peaceful home
‘He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.’ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It is important to have a comfortable and peaceful home to come to. If you followed the above two resolutions your home will be tidy and organised, so there are a few simple things you can do to create a peaceful atmosphere. When you get home from work, light candles. They are an excellent way to symbolise the end of your working day and the soft light they give out is very calming. The heart lantern looks very sweet with a lit nightlight and can be hung in your home or placed somewhere central in your space. In Buddhism it is very important to create a shrine; somewhere you know you can go to relax. If you haven’t got a room to dedicate to this how about a corner of your bedroom or sitting room? The silver buddha head will make a fantastic central feature to your home shrine.

Buddha head cutout (401x640)

heart lantern

Express yourself
In 2013 show off your personality in your home. It is important that items are functional, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative! A few quirky or colourful items in your home can show off your fun side. It has been proven that the colour green enhances your creativity. The bright green rug will bring a vibrant splash to your sitting room and should get your creative juices flowing. The white rhino head will add decadence to your hall or kitchen. The multicolour wing chair will brighten up your home office and you can sit on it to dream up your big plans for 2013.

green grass rug with trunk


Set Goals
2012 had it’s ups and downs- Let’s make 2013 your best year yet! Spend some time thinking about what you realistically want to achieve this year. Best Year Yet by Jinny Ditzler will help you come up with a plan for 2013. Be creative with how you dream and visualise. Put the Columbus globe somewhere prominent in your sitting room and stick coloured dots on it of where you have been and where you want to travel to in 2013. Remind yourself daily of your goals and inspiration by pinning inspiring photos, quotes and your year plan on the Ampersand notice board.

ampersand notice board fleur cutout (550)

columbus globe cutout (450x796)


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