Valentines Gifts for your Girl

Valentines day is two weeks away! Get some boyfriend brownie point by getting the gorgeous girl in your life a gift to suit her personality. Whether she is a domestic goddess or a hopeless romantic we have the perfect gift for her.

If your darling is a domestic goddess we have some beautiful home accessories which will make the perfect gift.

domestic goddess

Treat her to the Keep Calm and Drink Wine Sign to hang in the kitchen.
If she is a tea connoisseur she will love the vintage style tea set.
Bring a romantic touch to your home with the Ginny Heart Mirror.


If you are in love with a girly girl buy her a perfect pink gift!


The pink dressing table is a gorgeous gift for your darling’s bedroom.
Embellish her dressing table with a beautiful pink perfume bottle.
Add a regal touch to your living room with the pink window seat.

Burlesque Beauty

Is she is a vintage burlesque beauty we have some black and sexy gifts for her!

Burlesque beuaty

Buy her the black dressing table to transform bedroom to boudoir.
Hang the aluminium stags head in your hall to create a glam vibe.
Give her a vintage style perfume atomiser because she smells so sweet.

Buy your darling a classic romantic gift.

hopeless romantic

Treat her to a candlelit dinner with the Canterbury candelabra.
Remind her of your love with the LOVE wall letters.
Buy her the heart sconce to add a romantic touch to your home.


If you have a creative girlfriend buy her an imaginative gift to match!

arty girl

Commission a Leo Tuls portrait of your sweetheart, which she will treasure forever.
Bring a bright, colourful touch to your living area with some patchwork furniture.
Buy her a gorgeous easel for her to display her favourite art.


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