Why I love antique furniture?

This January VintageVibe launched an antique furniture department in our online store. We aim to offer customers unique and special antique pieces to compliment our beautiful range of furniture and home accessories. We all have our different reasons why we love antiques. Here are my five reasons why antiques are so special to me…

1. Fond Memories

My first memory of beautiful antique furniture is a pink velvet kidney shaped dressing table my parents bought me. I had it in my bedroom (next to my bed which looked like a pink house!) and it provided me with endless hours of joy. I have a particularly strong memory of making a potion out of mud in the garden and some of Mum’s beauty products, much to her dismay, and hiding it in my dressing table. My pink velvet dressing table is long gone, but  now I fancy replacing it with something a bit more grown up, like this French white painted dressing table.

white vintage dressing table

My dream vintage dressing table.

pretty girl on antique chair

My beautiful sister sat on an antique armchair.

2. Fine Craftsmanship

‘They just don’t do it like they used to’. With our throwaway culture now, products are made with a short life span. Back in the ol’ days things were made to last. Furniture was crafted from high quality woods and made by hand. When I look at some of our antique furniture I can’t believe the hours that must have been spent sweating to make the piece. For example our carved Burmese rosewood antique buffet looks like it took years to make! Look at the detail. How long do you think it took?

Anglo Indian Side Cabinet

3. Worn and Loved

To me, antiques have a certain charm and character that new pieces just can’t match, a bit like my old boots. I bought these boots second hand and they were so comfortable when I first put them on. Someone else before me had worn them and loved them, so they were already broken in. It’s the same with furniture, a new piece of furniture can stand out and look a bit harsh or ‘cold’, but an antique piece of furniture looks like it’s always been there.

My favourite boots!

My favourite boots!

4. Story time

I like to imagine the stories of the people who owned the furniture before me. It’s quite amazing to think of all the lifetimes that have been lived around a particular piece. I imagine this mahogany pedestal desk was owned by a fine English gentleman who smoked a pipe and studied classics.

Mahogany pedestal deskman smoking pipe

And I imagine this beautiful Victorian Burr walnut wardrobe was owned by a glamorous lady who always wore pearls, loved fur coats and had a different pair of shoes for every day of the week.

Victorian Burr Walnut Wardrobe

‘One must keep one’s precious items somewhere fabulous!’

lady wearing pearls

5. A thing of beauty

I like nice things, don’t we all. I am blown away by the beauty of antique furnitures for all the reasons I have discussed above. The charm, character, story and memories which each piece carries. I mean, look at this Anglo Indian side cabinet! You can’t imagine seeing that in Ikea can you?

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 09.33.10

Why do you love antiques? I’d love to hear your stories about antique furniture and why they are special to you.





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