Bohemian Gypsy Chic Style

The gypsy chic look is all about self expression and creativity. The happy-go-lucky look can inspire our home to be more colourful, pretty and whimsical. I love colour and I feel it injects personality into our home. I also love craft and think this can be mixed beautifully with the gypsy chic style to add a personal touch. I’ve been hunting on the blogs for some of my favourite bohemian gypsy chic posts, and thinking about how I can recreate it at home. I am a big fan of Glastonbury festival and the boho look reminds me of Glasto; colourful, joyful and free. The tickets this year are already SOLD OUT! Fingers crossed I will get a pair of tix at the resale in April.

LOOK 1: Colourful and Eclectic, Courtesy of


This wonderful look is in a Victorian terraced house in London. The cold whitewash wooden floor and stark metal and glass coffee table are contrasted beautifully with the warm and cosy sofa and bright shaggy rug. Opulent pieces in gold and silver, like the gold sun mirror, create an eclectic look.

gyspy chic style

Decorate your patchwork sofa with eclectic cushions to create a cosy vibe. We love these customised letter cushions hand made by Isle of Wight artist, Holly Murray. Our green grass rug brings a playful touch to your home! The gold sunburst Buckland mirror adds a touch of bohemian glamour.

LOOK 2: White and Crisp Gypsy Chic, Courtesy of

wpid-cottage2 wpid-cottage4

This white home interior is BEAUTIFUL! It uses mostly white, with touches of pastel pink and silver, which creates a peaceful atmosphere. To me it has a sanctuary feel and I particularly admire all the gorgeous textures; lace, rustic white wash wood and fresh cotton.

gypsy chic

Recreate this look using white chandeliers like the Rosa chandelier and hanging white mirrors in your space. The white Alyson mirror (see above) is fab as an overmantle, or can be hung over a sofa. Generously decorate your space with pastel flowers to keep it alive.

LOOK 3: Gypsy Garden, courtesy of


Spring is in the air and I CAN’T WAIT to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. This gypsy chic garden can be simply created using white wire furniture.

white wire furniture

Decorate your wire table with quirky pieces like this bohemian glass bowl or our etched claret jug.

bohemian glass bowl

etched claret jug

Do you like the gypsy chic look? Are you using elements of this style in your home?

I love hearing from you




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