WINNER & Runners Up! Give us your feedback and WIN a Dressing Table!

Recently we ran a competition asking for your feedback. We wanted to know how we could improve our website. We had an overwhelming response, we’d like to thank everyone that entered and took the time to really think about how we can improve. We have already started making changes to our website:

There were so many great suggestions but we have chosen the winners based on the best original idea. We have also chosen 12 runners up who will each receive a voucher that entitles them to £20 off any of our dressing tables. And the winner is…….

WINNER Emma Hicks – We love your suggestion

Emma’s suggestion:

Having a blog, which includes various interior design ideas – photos & articles – using your products.

We are certainly going to do this and have already started take a look at out blog We are also running a new competition asking previous customers to send photos of their vintagevibe products in their own homes 

Runners up -WIN £20.00 voucher towards a dressing table

Vakhida Baldwin’s suggestion
Adding bolder colours, i think the overall look and background colours of website are a little pale

Vakhida, we have already listened to your comment and please see we have made the background bolder with our new butterfly design , we hope you like it

Dave O’Conner‘s suggestion
Sub menu on the horizontal categories at the top, so you can go straight to them.
Dave we have now added the categories to the top bar as well as down the side and will be working on making the categories as user friendly as possible, watch this space.

Alison Sherwood‘s suggestion-
Putting on 3d versions of the products on the website to give you a view from all angles
Alison we are working on this suggestion and hopefully by the Spring we will have mini videos showing all angles of our products. Keep looking

Ruth Hedges suggestion-

Adding more soft furnishings eg Throws and shabby chic style cushions.

Ruth we have listened to your suggestion and are now offering some gorgeous quirky cushions and some one off hand made cushions to start our soft furnishing category, more to come in the spring

Clair Dukes suggestion-

I would love to see more vintage nursery furniture. I would like to see pictures of the items at different angles.

Clair we love this idea and although we have not got Vintage Nursery Furniture at the moment we are certainly trying to source some and we will hope to have a collection in 2013

Linda Hobbis suggestion-
Need pictures of top products on home page e.g. what’s hot; too much text, too small a font size – start with the products and grab our attention. People won’t spend time reading.

Linda thank you for taking the time to look at our site and give so many suggestions – We love the idea of pictures of the top products -Whats hot- on our home page, we are looking into this, we have had a few comments re font size and we will address this , and we are always trying to improve our site so we can keep people attention so this is an ongoing project.

Kirsty Norton’s suggestion-

having a stronger social network presence.

Kirsty – We totally agree with you We take social media very seriously and we are very active on Facebook We now have nearly 1600 likes on Facebook , and many people following us on Twitter and our Pinterest fans are growing rapidly.

Ali Thorpe’s suggestion-

showing slightly larger photos after a search as the long list that appears is a ;little overwhelming. Love the theme and colours though.
Ali Thank you for your kind words we are glad you like our theme and colours. We will look into larger photos and we are trying to improve navigating the site and making it as easy as possible so our valued customers don’t feel overwhelmed

Keeley Atkinson’s suggestion
I think it is great as it is, but a pretty cool feature would be to have a photoboard with customer uploaded images to provide “real” inspiration for other customers. It could also have a small list next to the photo to say which items were bought from with a link to the product.
Keely We really love this idea, we will look into how we can add this as a feature to our site but in the mean time we have just started a new competition asking our previous customers to upload their Vintagevibe products that are in their home or business 

Sharon Coleman’s suggestion-

improving font and layout on the homepage text section – it feels out of place in the rest of the homepage and as such uninspiring to read. The content is good just need some bigger/brighter/bolder title headings and less times new roman.

Sharon Wow lots to take on board but all good suggestions, thank you for taking the time this all really helps us to try to deliver a site our customers love and return to

Susan Jane Harrison’s suggestion-

It looks great. just the addition of your address on the Home page for me. I like to see if the company is based in the UK.
Susan you are quite right, we will be adding our full address under contact us.

Karen Turton‘s suggestion-

A quirky quote for the week
Karen this is a fun idea, we think we would like to add a quirky quote and it has inspired us to add quirky ideas for the home as well like this:



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