Bridal Boutique Furniture

We popped down to First 4 Brides in Tunbridge Wells to shoot some of our bridal boutique furniture in situ. We recently launched our Bridal Boutique department to inspire bridal shops with our latest pieces. This department is also great to visit if you are looking to create a glamorous, yet peaceful look in your home.

Our Celia mirror and our cream and velvet Louis chair looked fab in First 4 Brides!

bride mirror wedding dress

This lovely photo shows our model, Sarah, admiring her dress in the Celia mirror. Mum bought the veil Sarah is wearing at a vintage fair this summer, all the shop assistants were admiring how fine the lace is, it is so delicate it almost seems to be made of spiders web. Sarah’s shoes are from First 4 Brides, visit their lovely website to see their full selection. They can dye their gorgeous shoes to match any colour dress for only £25.

bridal shoes and veil

VintageVibe’s Bridal Boutique department stocks a gorgeous range of furnituremirrors and lighting, all in soft neutral shades which compliment the colour scheme of your bridal boutique.

We hope you will find the right pieces to decorate your bridal shop. We are always happy to help, give us a call on 01622 629029 to discuss your ideas!




One thought on “Bridal Boutique Furniture

  1. Jeana says:

    I’m finding it challenging to get a good quality TV cabinet that doesn’t have compartments etc at a child’s level.
    I’d like something high enough to ensure that sticky fingers are not
    able to touch the display along with something decorative on the unused space.

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