Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This year Mother’s day, or Mothering Sunday as it is often called, falls on March 10th. It is a day to treat your lovely Mum for the day. Whether it’s sending her a gift and card or taking her out for the day, it’s all about making your Mother feel special. I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve this year and here are some VintageVibe inspired mothers day gift ideas.


According to tradition on Mother’s day in the UK we eat Simnel cake (although I’ve never heard of it before!) It’s a light fruit cake with a marzipan topping and decorated with twelve marzipan balls, which represent the twelve apostles. For a special traditional treat you could bake your mum this cake and give it to her on an Angel aluminium cake stand.




Show your mum that you think she’s a real angel with one of our gorgeous cherub gifts. The white cherub lamp is very cute for a bedside table. Or if she likes trinkets you could get her this set of sweet sitting gold cherubs.

cherub lamp

gold cherub


Celebrate Mother’s day in style by throwing your Mum a tea party and invite all her friends! Decorate your home with some polka dot bunting, serve cupcakes on this pretty fluted cake stand and drink from our pretty vintage style tea set!

vintage style tea set

polka dot bunting

fluted cake stand


To show your Mum how special she is why not get a unique gift created for her? Holly Murray, an artist from the Isle of Wight, hand makes beautiful vintage style cushions with a letter of your choice embroidered on. Or how about commission a Leo Tuls portrait of her children, grandchildren or favourite pet? Leo Tuls is our resident artist at VintageVibe who creates stunning pop art paintings.

holly murray cushion

leo tuls painting


Show your mum how much you LOVE her with a love themed gift. The beautiful silver LOVE wall letters can be placed on a mantlepiece, on a shelf in the bedroom or on a sideboard in your living area. Give her one of our sweet heart frames and put a photo of you and your Mum, or you and your siblings to give to her (see the one I gave my Mum last year!)

love wall letters

heart photo frame

Me and my Sis

What are you getting for your Mum this Mother’s Day? Are there any other cute VintageVibe gifts we’ve missed off the list?

We love hearing from you.





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