Ka-Pow BOOM Bang – Pop Art Interiors

POP ART is IN! This year I can’t seem to get away from Pop art. It’s everywhere; fashion, music, art and home interiors. The Lichtenstein Retrospective just opened at the Tate and will be on until 27th May (note to self: must get tickets). ASOS have recently posted an ART ATTACK trend guide dedicated to pop art fashion. I want these leggings! Our resident artist, Leo Tuls, has been painting some new work which is very pop art inspired. And last but not least one of my new favourite bands, Peace, have a very pop art inspired aesthetic. Check out their leopard print tee shirt design below. pop art spread With so much Pop Art happening all around us we couldn’t help but be influenced and we are very excited to announce the launch of some new lines. The COMIC BOOK CHEST has landed! These stunning chests have been hand collaged with vintage comic book designs then coated with a hard wearing lacquer. They are ideal as bedsides or would look fantastic in your living room or hall. The attention to detail is beautiful and it’s fun to look at them and spot all the comic book stars, from Spiderman to Donald Duck. comic book chest (700x450) comic book bombe chest We have also launched a brand new pop art retro Citroen car lamp. These brightly coloured lamps have the iconic image of the Citroen DS car printed in vibrant block colours. Fantastic to brighten up your living room, home office, reception or bedroom. citroen lamp Do you like the Pop Art aesthetic? Will you be brightening up your home with some pop art pieces this summer? We love hearing from you Laura x

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