Classic Design – The Tolix Chair

At VintageVibe this month we have launched a new range of Tolix stools to match our existing range of Tolix chairs. To celebrate this we will delve into the history of these iconic chairs.

tolix stools

Our new colourful Tolix stools

Xavier Pauchard, the renowned designer of the Tolix chair, was born in 1880 in Le Morvan. His family were in the trade of zinc roofing, which led Pauchard to make an important discovery in 1907. He realised that sheet metal could be protected from rusting by dipping it in molten zinc (galvanising). Ten years after his revelation he set up a factory making steel household items and registered his trademark symbol as Tolix.

Pauchard’s most popular and revolutionary item has to be the Tolix chair, which was designed in 1934. This striking chair was designed to go outside, which is why there are holes in the seats, for rain water to drain off. They were bought by cafe owners all over, and Tolix refined the design so the chairs would stack perfectly. By 1956 the classic Tolix, which we know and love today, was created. With its slimmer frame and stackable design, you could now stack 25 chairs to a height of 2.3 metres.

Sir Terence Conran is one of several influential fans of this simple-looking chair, which, nevertheless, takes around 100 manual operations to create. “Over the years, this chair has come to symbolise what I like to term democratic excellence, meaning that it’s mass-produced and universally acceptable,” he says.

The most popular and traditional colour of the Tolix chair is the burnished metal. It looks fantastic when creating an industrial style look in your home. Read our blog on warm industrial style for inspiration. I love this picture below, the Tolix chairs look fantastic around the rustic wooden table.

At VintageVibe we stock the Tolix chairs and stools in five colours; lime green, red, metal, baby blue and charcoal. With so much choice it is easy to find the right chair for your home. The lime green Tolix chair will inject a vibrant splash of colour into your kitchen. For a more masculine, batchelor pad look how about the charcoal grey Tolix chairs? My personal favourite is the red Tolix chair as I feel it gives your home a vintage 1950’s style.

What’s you favourite Tolix chair colour? Where will you put it in your home?

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