Great Gatsby Style in the Home

How to get the Great Gasby look in your home?

Baz Luhrman’s highly anticipated version of The Great Gatsby opens in cinemas in the UK on 16th May. We can’t WAIT! This week our blog is all about bringing the Great Gatsby look to your home. I’m also thinking I should read the book seeing as the Modern Library named it as the second best novel of the 20th century!

The Great Gatsby is set in the swinging twenties. This era was defined by the Art Deco style; rich colours, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentation. Let’s have a look at some of the room sets from the new film…

Great Gasby Living Room

Recreate this living room look with silk and velvet seating, cream and gold furniture and an opulent rug. There is a ‘casual glamour’ look to this room; lots of luxurious pieces put together in a comfortable and relaxing way. I want to lay back and relax on that cream sofa! Our antique style silk chair would look just right in this room. Team it with some table lamps and our Despina side table.

SPOT THE DETAILS: There are lots of gorgeous details in this photo; notice the panelling on the walls, the vintage style telephone on a podium and the fresh roses.

antique style slik chair

despina side table

cream window seat

Great Gatsby Snug

I love this photo. I can almost smell the leather and mahogany just looking at it. If you don’t have a luxurious library you can cheat the look with our antique book facade. You can place it at the front of your bookshelf, and it leaves space behind to hide clutter and bits and bobs. For a touch of leather, and some more useful storage have a look at our vintage style leather trunk.

books facade

leather trunk with legs

Great Gatsby Entrance Hall

What a beautiful staircase! Makes me want to put on a glamourous gown and swan down those stairs. The key to this look is lighting. The gorgeous candelabra softly light the whole space and the stunning large chandeliers cast light throughout, as well as those magnificent tall windows. Recreate this look at home with our gold globe chandelier and plenty of our Trafalgar chandelier with white candles.

SPOT THE DETAIL: There is so much gorgeous detail in this space; striking parquet flooring with a beautiful circular central design, large bouquet of fresh flowers and large works of art hung on the wall.

gold globe chandelier

trafalgar candelabra


Are you going to watch the film?




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