Mirrors, furniture and trinkets for your rented flat

Living in a rented flat can be frustrating; you want to make it homely, but are limited because you may not be able to paint the walls the colour of your choice or hang the pictures and mirrors you like. At VintageVibe we have a gorgeous selection of mirrors which don’t need hanging, so you can customise your space without getting in trouble with your landlord. We also stock a beautiful range of ornate furniture will add a touch of glamour to your rented space. Here are our top pieces for a rented flat, with some tips on home interior style.

1. Cheval Mirror

A cheval mirror is ideal for a rented flat. They are light, easy to move around and require no fixing or hanging. The cream Celia cheval mirror will be perfect in your bedroom or dressing room. The silver Mercure mirror will create a statement in your hall or reception room!

cheval mirror cheval mirror

2. Overmantle Mirror

An overmantle mirror can work leant on a sideboard, so again you can avoid drilling into the walls. Our gorgeous white Alyson overmantle mirror would look fab leant against a chest or sideboard in your living room

overmantle mirror

3. Dressing Table Mirrors

For mirrors in your bedroom the obvious choice is a dressing table. You could buy a dressing table set which already includes the mirror for a perfect matching look. Or if you already have a favourite chest or table in your bedroom, you could place a three fold dressing table mirror on it, for an instant dressing table.


dressing table mirror

4. Ornate Furniture

To create an interesting look in your rented flat add some quirky pieces of furniture. At VintageVibe we have a selection of ornate and decorative furniture which will liven up your space. How about this black and silver embossed chest in your living room? It has loads of storage space, which is a real bonus. Or if you are after something fun, our comic book chests will add a splash of colour.

black and silver chest

comic book chest

5. Table Top Trinkets

To add personality to your space you can decorate your shelves, tables, chests and sideboards with decorative accessories and trinkets. We love our gold crown as a table centrepiece. To really make it pop, entwine it with fresh or fake flowers. Decorate your sideboard with these vintage style union jack trays, perfect for drinks parties or for your afternoon tea!

deocrative gold crown

union jack tray

6. Display your Art

Can’t hang art on your wall? We have the perfect solution….an easel! We have a beautiful selection of vintage style easels which are a fantastic way to display your favourite piece of art.

silver easel


How have you decorated your rented flat?

We love hearing from you!

Laura x


3 thoughts on “Mirrors, furniture and trinkets for your rented flat

  1. Claudia says:

    Hi Laura, I am looking for something just like this to hire for our Wedding. I don;t suppose you do hire, or have any contacts? Many thanks, Claudia

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