5 Tips For Using Large Mirrors to Open Up a Room

We love large mirrors at Vintage Vibe. You could say we are slightly obsessed. Not that you’d be able to tell or anything from our extensive range…

Mirrors look great in any home and large mirrors in particular can work wonders in rooms and spaces that otherwise might feel claustrophobic. But despite their versatility it can sometimes be a challenge to find an appropriate space for that giant shabby chic mirror you have your heart set on.

With that in mind we have set out to give you 5 ideas for using large mirrors to create space and depth.

1) Flip The Mirror on its Side

OK so we may be starting with an obvious one here. Though we hope there will now be someone out there that hadn’t though of this already (and will now be experiencing a eureka moment). You know that super long mirror you thought wouldn’t fit in your home? Try flipping it horizontally to make a great addition to a bland hallway or landing wall.

silver mirror

2)  The Dining Room Mirror

If you haven’t got a beautiful mirror as the focal point of your dining room wall it’s about time you invested in one. Whilst this traditional spot is something of a home interior cliche, it is with good reason. Large mirrors in dining rooms allow for softer lighting to be used and help set the atmosphere for many a romantic evening. They open up a room to create the illusion of space when entertaining guests and also give you a cheeky opportunity to check there’s no rouge food stuck between the teeth.

chippendale mirror with patchwork chair (638x800)

3)  The Fake Window Effect

Live in a flat? Struggle for natural light? Been relegated to the box room that has no windows? The solution: you guessed it, a mirror! This technique works with both large and small mirrors, creating a different effect depending on which you choose. A large mirror will open up the room and reflect light. Smaller mirrors placed strategically can create a window or ‘porthole’ style effect.

Large Mirror

4)  ‘Upcycle’ Your Furniture

A mirror could be the perfect way to breathe life into an old piece of furniture. Maybe you have a wardrobe or closet door that would be suited for a large art deco mirror. Perhaps there’s a cabinet or other storage item that is just really rather ugly. Well, dress it up with a large ornate mirror. If you’re really brave you could even get the paint brush out to match the finish of the mirror and hey presto you’ve transformed a tired piece of furniture.

dog lamps and porthole mirror style (640x505)[1]

5)  Filling The Void

Coming back to that super long mirror that we told you to flip on its side. Had you thought about using it to fill an empty wall space that is just sitting there crying out for some attention? If you have high ceilings you may find spaces that aren’t wide enough for a piece of furniture but might be high enough for a tall and skinny mirror. Maybe you could place a mirror behind existing items such as side tables, sofas or display units. Let your imagination run wild.

Large Mirror

So, there you have it. Unless your love of framed reflective surfaces is as compulsive as ours and your home is already at risk of resembling a fun-fair-house-of-horrors. Armed with our tips you’ll never have another excuse not to buy that fabulous large mirror the next time you stare longingly into it.

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