What You Need to Know About Large Chandeliers

What do you need to know about large chandeliers? We’ve got a secret for you…if you thought large crystal chandeliers were a luxury only afforded to those living in stately homes and grand mansions, it’s time to think again.

Classic vintage chandeliers are seeing a revival. Boosted by a modern trend toward using a classic piece to add a unique twist to a modern space. Large chandeliers are now being used as focal points in a variety of rooms and homes.

An antique finish chandelier is also more affordable than you might think. Whilst an original crystal chandelier is still a luxury most of us can’t afford. A glamorous chandelier with a hand made bronze frame, that is adorned with clear glass crystal beads, can offer excellent quality and value for money.


The History of Chandeliers

But what about the history of the chandelier? If you’re thinking about using one to make a statement in your home it’s important to know where they originate from.

The first chandeliers were very different to those you see today. Used mainly in churches and abbeys during the medieval ages. They were simply a wooden cross built to hold candles to offer more illumination in a room. They would be hoisted into position and hung by a rope suspended from a hook.

Later, large chandeliers became more of a status symbol as increasingly ornate designs started to appear after the fifteenth century. Crown chandeliers became a particularly popular item in the residencies of the extremely rich.

By the eighteenth century glassmaking skills were developed to a point which led to cheaper production of crystal. Crystal quickly became a favourite for use in decorating large chandeliers due to its highly reflective surface. Reflecting light in beautiful ways other forms of glass just aren’t able to achieve.

Chandeliers Today

Traditionally chandeliers were used as decoration in specific rooms. Today they can be added to any space, letting you add a touch of classic elegance to any room.

A technique made popular by modern interior designers is to include a traditional crystal chandelier in a very modern space. A method that can transform the character of a room.

A classic crystal chandelier in a modern room can add an unexpected element and lift a space beyond its current impression. Featuring a chandelier in an off central position in a precise space that uses modern lines and symmetry will help to break up a room. And an expansive dining room can benefit greatly from a large chandelier adding drama and elegance to the space. But be careful. Choosing the right chandelier is very important as each comes with its own character that will effect your rooms atmosphere in different ways.

Have a look at our collection to see if there’s a chandelier which could transform your home.



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