Loving the Sunshine – And so is Apple the pig

Goodness me its hot isn’t it? I am beavering away in my office trying to keep Vintagevibe admin up to date and all I really want to do is melt in the garden.  The garden is looking beautiful at the moment it hard to beat an English Country Garden

English Country Garden
I just wish I had more time to spend in it, as I am sure we all do nowadays. I am very lucky and have a chalet hut in my garden that I can use as an office when I am working from home so at least I am in the garden (sort of!)
The funniest thing of all is Apple my pig, she gets very hot so I have to rub suntan lotion on her and make a big pool of water for her to lay in – she is one spoilt piggy
IMG_1170 (800x600)
We have notice the sale of our sheep Aaron and Shaun  going up the last few weeks (I apologise for the boy names they should really be called Dolly and Gretel or something girly at least!)   http://vintagevibe.co.uk/shaun–aaron—pair-of-life-size-standing–grazing-sheep-223-p.asp
I have Aaron in my garden and I have so many comments on him, every time my husband Bruce mows he moves him somewhere else so I never know where Aaron will turn up next.
I am very excited about our Vintage wooden road signs, we now have a lots of different ones and if we don’t have what a customer wants we can get them made. I have a Strawberry Fields sign on my gate and love it and we are just about to order a Vintagevibe wooden sign for us.  http://vintagevibe.co.uk/customised-made-to-order-your-name-here-vintage-style-wooden-street-signs-4482-p.asp
Well that’s my blog for the day got some more admin to work through – Enjoy the sunshine

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