You can tell a lot about a person from looking in their fridge


I eat a mostly raw vegan diet which sounds boring but makes shopping and cooking easy and I have never felt better. A peek in my fridge gives it all away, it’s ram jammed with healthy fruit and vegetables (organic where possible). Every day I kick of with a pint of fresh organic green juice. It’s packed with vitamins minerals and is easy to digest.

Delicious fresh juice is soooooooooo easy peasy to make with my omega vert juicer and only takes a couple of minutes , plus the juicer cleans easily too. Just take 4 or 5 organic carrots, two courgettes, any other green vegetables you have in the fridge and sweeten with a couple of pieces for fruit. For that wake you up zing try adding some fresh ginger root the more you have of this the more you want of it.


Last but not least I sit at the breakfast bar on my shiny new silver stools. I have two light silver and one charcoal grey ( as am waiting for the lime green to match my chopping board to come back into stock) ………… and enjoy a great start to another great day.


Happiness is just a choice, have a great weekend.



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