Get Creative with Your Own Ornate Easel

Don’t we all love the idea of taking some time out, grabbing a blank canvas and creating something that’s ours? Sure, you may be no Picasso but there’s something incredibly therapeutic about art.

Even so, if painting isn’t your cup of tea and it’s just the elegance a vintage easel can bring to a space that interests you, you don’t have to be an artist to own one.

As you’ll find out, there’s more to being creative than brushes and pastels. Check out the various interesting ideas you can use to make an antique style easel work in your home.

Picture Stand

Your own creations might not be worthy of wall space, but we’re sure there’s a favourite painting or two around the house that would look fantastic displayed on an easel.

Get a decorative easel that suits the room you are looking to display the picture in. There’s a variety to choose from. Then take your picture off the wall and proudly display it on your new easel. You know how after a while paintings fade into the background? This is a great way to bring attention to them again and freshen up a space.

Mirror Stand

Much in the same way as displaying a piece of art, you can use a sturdy metal frame easel to hold a mirror. This is quite an extravagant and elegant way of featuring a mirror in either a bathroom, bedroom or reception room.


Many of our customers purchase our decorative easels to use as display stands at their easel2weddings. They are used at wedding receptions as an interesting and beautiful way of displaying seating plans and welcome signs.


And after the wedding you now have a variety of ideas to make sure the easel can live on in the marital home (much to your new husbands dismay).


Our easels have been purchased by a number of boutique hotels and it’s easy to see why. Perfect for displaying seating plans, conference names, directions, restaurant menus, promotional signs, the list goes on and on. Coupled with the fantastic ornate designs that really complement the decor of many independent hotels. And not forgetting ease of storage. It’s no wonder they are becoming a must have item for hoteliers.

Clothes Horse

Don’t have anywhere to chuck your clothes? Find yourself scrambling for a place to carefully place out tomorrows work outfit?

How about using a decorative easel in your bedroom or dressing area as a unique and quirky way of hanging clothes, scarfs, hats, belts and any other item that doesn’t need to go back in the wardrobe or a spin in the washing machine.

Garden Climber

No not for kids…for plants! A bit out there, we know, but riffing on the theme of creativity we were struck with this unique vision: a vintage silver display easel with lilac clematis clinging and sprawling between the supports. Perhaps slightly wasted in the garden, though if you have the right space you have to admit it would make for a fantastic centre piece.

What creative ways can you think of to feature a decorative easel in your home?




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