Eggs and Dovecotes

Wow I can’t believe it; my friend’s sons have just collected 52 eggs today.


I have a small chicken hotel as a hobby and of course at the moment its prime holiday time so I am full at the Inn. The boys were so excited collecting the eggs, it was lovely to watch them enjoying an activity so simple and natural they just loved it. These boys travel between term times in Abu dhabi and holidays back in the UK, they have a privileged life but they said it was the best day of their holiday just collecting the eggs and pushing a wheelbarrow round the horse’s field spreading hay for them. I am lucky enough to spend time with the hens, ducks, goats, Apple the pig and the horses every day before I go to Vintagevibes warehouse. What a beautiful start to anyone’s day. I then do the same thing in the evening helping me unwind and take stock after a usually “full on” day at Vintagevibe. Just watching a duckling jump into the pond for the first time or watching the baby chickens following mother hen is so beautiful and fascinating, I can see where the saying “like a clucky hen” comes from. I feel very sad for the millions of baby chickens that are mass produced in factories and never get to follow their mum around scratching at the earth and feeling the sun on their back.

I am absolutely passionate about Vintagevibe, Wendy and I talk about our business everyday always excited about the new products arriving , we love to offer them first before they get on the mass market, so it a case of looking daily spotting new ideas first and getting them listed on Vintagevibe before everyone else . Some of our new products this week are theses beautiful dovecotes  and these quirky fun cartoon comic book chairs.

7I1A0137 (533x800)

donald duck chair(427x640)

How lucky am I to have an amazing hobby and an amazing business.



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