No Dressing Room is Complete Without A Shabby Chic Dressing Table

It’s so much easier, and more fun, to get ready for the big night out when your furniture reflects your own style. If stunning is the look you’re after, shabby chic will help get you there.

What is Shabby Chic?

Did you know that shabby chic was originally a term used by an established English designer? He was asked by the World of Interiors magazine to describe a style that was trending throughout England in the 70’s.

Today it is more of a general term used to describe those that appreciate quality over newness. Those that choose to opt for timeless style as opposed to trends, giving often antique or vintage pieces a personal and unique finish.

If you’re wondering where we’re going with this, ask yourself if this style is applicable to more than just interiors. You’ll probably find that making a choice to go for quality and style, giving it your own twist, is something you also do in your personal life.

Maybe with fashion and make-up?

And what better way to get ready in style than with your very own shabby chic dresser. One that reflects your own personality and flair. We have a quality range of dressing tables, chests and mirrors all in the shabby chic style. Some in antique white, some in stunning pink.

Our Shabby Chic Dressing Tables


Chateau Large French Dressing Table & Triple Mirror in White – Sarah

This elegant and imposing dressing table has been one of our top sellers. Popular for its ample storage, large mirror and sheer beauty. It’s back in stock at the end of August.

The Sophie Collection

In the Sophie Collection you’ll find a range of dressing tables, vanity tables, drawers and mirrors that are ideal for all bedrooms. Especially a young girls. They’ll love the pretty detailing, the elegantly carved legs and the low mirrors

White Dressing Table Shabby Chic Style & Stool Set


A beautiful French style white dressing table with swing mirror and padded stool. This gorgeous set could also be used as a desk. It comes complete with a matching stool, no need to hunt for one that is the right height.

White Jewellery Chest / Slim Dressing Table & Mirror


A gorgeous vanity unit with adjustable mirror. Excellent if your tight on space. Ideal in any bedroom whether it be the master bedroom, guest room or a child’s.

There’s many more styles available in our collections so please take the time to have a quick peek and see if there’s the perfect shabby chic dressing table for you.

After all, a girl’s gotta get ready in style!


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