Six Unique Wall Hangings for Your Home

What’s on your wall? The items we choose to decorate our rooms with can tell us a lot about the kinds of characters that inhabit that home. With that in mind, what could the following 6 wall hangings tell us about you?

Wooden Vintage Road Signs


You’re an explorer and the chances are you’re always getting lost. Not one to be tied down to a place for any length of time, you like to hit the road and see where it takes you. You have an appreciation for the yesteryears, seeing the past through rose tinted glasses.

There’s a part of you that still hopes the next turn you make will take you back in time to a world that’s a bit more easy going and care free. On particularly stressful days you stare longingly at these signs, imagining yourself taking in the sites and sounds of such famous locations.

Royal Warrant Plaque


You are a true Brit. Proud of your country and not afraid to show it. This Coat of Arms is a statement piece that is impossible to miss, just like you. You’re confident, respected and maybe a little charming (on a good day).

You take pride in keeping up the appearance of your home. On the off chance tourists will one day flock to see your palace.

Rhino Head


The white Rhino is a majestic animal and you are a keen admirer of the beauty in both nature and modern art. This wall feature combines the two brilliantly, just as you do in your own life.

You’d be as much at ease trekking the plains of the African savannah as you would stalking the cocktail list at a swanky London bar. Your home reflects this by combining striking modern pieces with collectables obtained from your various adventures.

Bull Head


You’re not one to mess with. You don’t take no for an answer and you won’t stop until you get what you want. You have bundles of drive and motivation and the stamina to see you over the finish line.

But behind this driven exterior there is a softer side, a side that you only show to a select few people. Though be careful, you don’t suffer fools kindly and when you feel wronged you’re sure to deliver the horn.

Queen Bee


This is an ideal sign for someone who is certain they are number one and isn’t afraid to let everyone else know. You feel a sense of entitlement, even though in many cases you may not yet have earned it!

You don’t mean any harm and really you are an exceptionally lovely person, you just like to use your skills of persuasion to delegate everything from important tasks down to the washing up. You couldn’t possibly ruin those manicured nails. It wouldn’t be very Queen like.

Knives, Forks and Spoons Plaques


You love food. It’s all you think about, night and day. You strategically place these cutlery plaques around the house so that you’re never more than 2 feet away from a feeding utensil.

Or you just really appreciate the beauty of ornate cutlery. But really you’re just a little piggy…


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