The Many Faces of the Valentine Dressing Table


Are you looking for a dressing table?
Well look no further than the superhero of all dressing tables, the Valentine dressing table. This versatile piece of furniture is like no other, its versatility is endless, with the ability to adapt to all manner of rooms, uses and styles. Let’s put it to the test to find out where it could fit into your life.

A Modern Dressing Table
The modern clean lines of the valentine enable it to work perfectly in a traditional home with contemporary stylings. It’s timeless design and pure white finish mean it will look modern now, and modern in years to come. The elegant nature of the valentines curved legs owes a style that has been used to great effect for years but looks especially at home combined with the simple drawer handle designs and pure finish. Simply put the valentine dressing table is a stunner that will look great in any room, used for any purpose.

A Useful Desk
Not content with being a stunning dressing table. The versatile valentine can also double up as a convenient desk. Becoming the perfect place for homework, studies and revision. Or it’s just as comfortable being used as that attractive desk you need for the study or home office. It’s reasonable size and deep drawers make it the ideal compromise between form and function.

A Desk that Adapts
How many other desks can boast the capability of adapting to their users? The valentine can. If bought for a younger girl as their first dressing table it can be re-used as they grow up. Becoming a key part of their life as they first practice putting on make-up, to getting their hair right for boys and eventually stressing over homework. No need to buy a new desk for every re-decoration or change in personality. The Valentine will easily work with almost any room design you place it with.

Great Desk for a Reception
The valentine desk is also ideal for use at front of house in a variety of service based businesses and commercial properties. If you’re in need of a simple and stylish desk to set off your reception or waiting area, perhaps the versatile valentine is for you?


Scandi Style
Very in at the moment is the Scandinavian style. Known for precise lines, minimalism and pure finishes, the valentine slots into this style effortlessly and can be used in an existing space designed in this minimalist style or as the beginning of your own venture into what’s becoming a highly popular way of decorating and finishing bedrooms to create a cool and calming look.

Ideal for Beauty Salons and Hairdressers
The valentine doesn’t have to be relegated to the reception, it can make a great work space for beauty salons and hairdressers. Pop your clients in front of one of these and they’ll know they are in safe hands. Or greet them from behind one as they walk through the door, chances are they’ll recognise it for one of the many uses it’s currently being loved for in their own home.


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