Great Lighting Ideas for Darker Evenings

When you get to that time of year when the nights start drawing in and the evenings begin getting darker, it’s time to start thinking about lighting ideas for your home or flat. There’s so many unique and exciting ways of lighting a space, it can be difficult to decide which style to choose from. Let us help you by running through some of the most popular lighting ideas here at Vintage Vibe:

Large Chandeliers
Elegant, exquisite, grand. There’s many words that describe the beauty of a chandelier and there’s no better way to maximise their effect than to go all out and decorate your home with a stunning large chandelier. From French style, to bronze, gold and antique. There’s a large chandelier available for every style.


Small Chandeliers
Don’t have the space to splash out on an 8 branch monster? You can still enjoy the delights of a chandelier in your home with a smaller model. What they lack in size they easily make up for in style. Losing none of the appeal of their bigger brother.


Crystal Chandeliers
If a simple glass chandelier isn’t decadent enough then perhaps a crystal chandelier will be the right way to light your home. With up to 12 branches, a crystal chandelier is an ideal choice for grand impressions in a lobby or reception area and can really set your dining space apart from the competition.


Glamour Lighting
If a chandelier is the wrong type of glamorous you could try a Large Silver Crystal Globe Light or Italian Style Beaded Glass and Brass Uplighter for an alternative way to add some panache to your party.


Desk Lighting
Everyone needs a good desk lamp, the right type of desk lighting can make or break a desks design. Without it you’re truly lost in the dark (terrible pun, sorry! – we’re getting renowned for these now…). If you’re like us, you’ll take accessorising your desk seriously and the right style of desk lamp is extremely important in creating the correct working environment or relaxed atmosphere. If there’s any film or photography fans in your life consider taking a look at our tripod design desk spotlights. They’re also hugely popular with creatives.


Crush Glass Table Lamps
Another essential lighting variety that takes time and care to get right is the table lamp. Whether they are situated next to your favourite sofa providing just the right amount of reading light. Or painstakingly placed in the corner to create the ideal evening atmosphere.


Choosing the right table lamp is big business.
One of our current favourites are these fabulous crushed glass table lamps. The base of the lamps use a variety of coloured crushed glasses to create a mosaic pattern that looks stunning in any contemporary or period home.

Table Chandeliers
Yes we’re back at chandeliers again, but this time they won’t be hanging over your head but taking pride of place in the centre of your dining table. A beautiful alternative to a candle holder, adorned with hundreds of beads and droplets that playfully reflect the light, they are also extremely popular bedside table editions for particularly grand master bedrooms.



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