Get in the Mood for Autumn with Teak Vintage Furniture

You’re curled up on the sofa, feet nestled in a soft rug, the fire crackles as you sip a warm cup of tea. The perfect autumn evening. But what’s missing? A vintage teak sideboard, atop stands your TV playing…X Factor?!


Yes, unfortunately the summer is drawing to a close and with that comes crisper days, falling leaves and the return of the UK’s most infamous talent show. But if the thought of watching talentless-fame-crazed-contestants turns you off. Rewind a step in our story and focus on the vintage teak side board instead. Or if a sideboard isn’t what you’re looking for, replace it with a retro large teak G plan coffee table, or 1960’s teak hall mirror with handy shelf.

Teak is the Colour for Fashionable Autumn Furniture
You see whatever picture you create for yourself this autumn, you’d be missing a trend to not consider complementing it with some vintage teak furniture. Teak is the colour for autumn and the vintage 60’s designs are making an overdue come back.

Check out this Vintage Teak Tea Trolley for instance.


It might not look much on its own. But just think of the story it comes with, who might have used it, and for what purpose? Maybe it was the drinks trolley in a bustling London ad agency execs office. Offering solace in times of need and celebration when winning clients.Now you can transform it into your very own Don Draper style drinks stand. And that’s not where our collection of vintage designs, like the ones you’re likely to see on the screen in shows like Mad Men, end.

Right now on Vintage Vibe we have a variety of special items in stock that are ideal for creating your very own retro fest this coming autumn.

Rare Framed Teak Mirror


A rare example of a classic 1960’s designer mirror with a simple and elegant teak frame. It’s in great condition and would be suited to a hallway or cloak room. Just imagine the faces that have stared into this mid-century mirror. Hopefully none of them will stare back at you!

1970’s Vintage Large Teak Coffee Table


A retro G Plan coffee table with useful magazine tack. Really stylish back in the 60’s and we think it still holds up today. The table does feature some signs of age but this just adds to its enduring charm.

Designer Side Table with Bi-Fold Checker Doors (SOLD)
This item has now been sold to one lucky owner. A really special side table that features bi-fold doors and circular feature panels. Extremely versatile, stylish and in remarkably great condition. And if you’re looking for the best way to kick back and admire your vintage furniture in style, why not finish the look with a vintage leather sofa.

Charcoal Black Vintage Leather Corner Sofa
But if your new teak furniture isn’t enough of a distraction from the TV. Take our advice and wait until the live shows if you must, at least then there’s some talent to be found!

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 16.36.02


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