How to Set up a Beauty Salon at Home

Wan’t to run your own salon? Use our simple guide to show you how to set-up and kit out your own home to become the best, and most stylish, beautician or hairdresser on the street.

Salon Chairs
The first thing you’re going to need when you set up shop is somewhere for your clientele to sit. A hairdresser that cuts their clients hair whilst their standing up isn’t going to be in business very long! Neither is a beautician who insists you sit on the floor as she sees to your monobrow.


Large Mirrors
The second vital ingredient you’re going to desperately need for your brand new hairdressers or beauty salon are mirrors. Large mirrors. And lots of them. Your customers will want to see what a great job you’re doing, and you’ll need them to help you give them the best possible experience. Mirrors will also help you make the most of your space by reflecting light and increasing the sense of space in any area. If your home salon is going to be a little on the pokey side, large mirrors will instantly help get rid of any unwanted claustrophobia.Plus, they’ll mean you don’t need to keep looking over your shoulder to check how long the line has got.


Sofas, Seating and Side Tables
Speaking of lines, if you’re operating a walk in service you might want to consider giving customers somewhere comfy to sit whilst they wait their turn. Why stop there? You’ll need to keep them entertained while they wait with newspapers and magazines, and you’ll need somewhere to put them. Some funky side tables or a well placed coffee table should do it. Making your clients feel right at home in yours.

If you’d like your salon to stand out and be memorable, and who wouldn’t, you’ll need some unique decorations to make it your own. We find the wackier the better. If you have any unique pieces you’ve collected from your travels or items that have a good story behind them, they can be great to include as conversation starters to stop awkward silences with even the quietest of customers.If you don’t have anything of your own, have a look around for interesting pieces online. We really like this silver Buddha statue that brings a tranquil spirit to your salon and will certainly get lots of comments. On quiet days you can make up stories about how you trekked miles through the Indian rainforest to find it…


Look Like a Hairdressers
If you’re going to be taken seriously you’ll need to look the part and no self respecting hair salon wouldn’t feature some sort of memorabilia that points to this as being their lifelong ambition. Try these funky scissors for a wall decoration that screams salon for life!Find more items to help create your own home salon in our section that’s designed specifically for helping with your shops decor.



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