What’s on Your Wall? Unique Wall Hangings

Where would you find the most surface area in your home? It’s not something you really tend to think about is it, but it’s an interesting question that is nine times out of ten answered with: your walls.

Yet many of us forget that these important parts of our home need as much attention and thought when it comes to decoration and design as any other part of our homes. Sure, we understand the importance of colour schemes, wall papers, mirrors, shelves and so forth. But how many of us go above and beyond to seek out wall hangings that can really make a room unique? Once you start looking you’ll find there’s an endless amount of quirky and lovely pieces that can be hung and placed on walls to add character to rooms and really help them find their style.

Let’s look at some of our favourite pieces from our collection of Wall Hangings, Plaques and Signs:

Wooden Street Signs
Bring the outdoors indoors with these handmade vintage style street signs. The wooden street sign has become quite a trend in recent years and makes a great gift for fans of the sports clubs and famous roads featured on the signs. If you can’t find a sign you like or want one that is unique to you, why get your own customised street sign.


Animal Heads
Faux taxidermy is really popular right now. We’re not just talking about replica animal heads you would only want in a 1920’s gentleman’s study. But ornamental pieces that can fit effortlessly into contemporary design. Such as our ceramic rhino head, polished metal bulls head, and for the really quirky we have a fantastic friesian cow head.


Scissors for Hairdressing Salons
Haven’t you always wanted a giant pair of scissors on your wall? They might not be for everyone but any hairdresser or barber wouldn’t be complete without these handmade metal scissors decorating their shop. With movable blades for custom placement, they are also sought out by those with an interest in crafts and vintage home accessories.


Angel Wings
The perfect home accessory for giving a romantic touch to any home. We have a few different angel wings to choose from, varying in colour and size. All look lovely in master bedrooms over beds, in bathrooms, and can be used to great effect in beauty salons, hairdressers and spas where a romantic, calming ambience is key.


Knives, Forks, Spoons
A new trend in vintage wall decoration is to collect and arrange retro and Victorian cutlery for making interesting wall displays. Seeking out the right decorative pieces can become an endless search so we’ve collated some of the best vintage, antique and giant cutlery for you to create your own home wall display.


Silver Tea Cup
A wall hanging that will appeal to the caffeine lovers on Vintage Vibe. This unusual oversize tea cup has been crafted from polished aluminium. It sits on a matching saucer and would be a great addition to the kitchen of an avid tea drinker or make a novelty wall decoration for a cafe, bar or restaurant.


So now you know you need to give your walls a little love and attention, what will you use to spice up the blank space?


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