Lighting Advice from Tom Cruise…

Unfortunately we haven’t actually quizzed Tom for his thoughts on the best lighting choices for a family dining room (watch this space…).


But, we will be running through some of the lighting options we feature in store, with a little help from some celebrity friends.

We’ve talked about lighting before and thought this time, to add a new twist, we’d not just look at the variety of ways you can light your home, but ponder which celebs might be likely to feature such choices in their beach huts/mansions/castles.

Feel free to join in, let us know in the comments what lighting options you think you’d find in your favourite celebs house!

Large Crystal Chandeliers

Glamorous and stylish with a nod to the past. Crystal chandeliers are a lavish way of making a grand statement in any room. Excellent in hallways and even better in a high ceilinged dinning room. Our large crystal chandeliers can only be one celeb:
Katherine Jenkins: smart, sophisticated and oozing talent. Katherine is a stylish girl with traditional glamour. Sure to brighten up any dinner party.katherineJenkins_1467895c


Tripod Lamps (Gold and Silver)

These smart and edgy tripod lamps will appeal to the creative types and those who want to transform their home into a film set. Always thought of yourself as a movie star? Just waiting to get discovered before you can take Hollywood by storm? Set yourself up with these tripod lamps in your home or office and start living the dream today.
Tom Cruise: we see Tom, ever the workaholic (with 37 movies under his belt and two more entering production) never feeling comfortable unless the spotlight is pointed his way. He probably has 5 or 6 of these tripod lamps lined up behind his sofa!




Large Gold and Silver Arc Lamps

This stunning circular lamp with an arced stand, gun metal black finish and a distressed gold interior is immediately distinguishable as something special. A versatile lamp that would look excellent leaning over a sofa or providing light for work at a desk. Wherever it is used it gets the job done in style.
Samuel L Jackson: This lamp shares a lot in common with the famous actor: sleek, stylish and bold. But never over the top. If the star of Pulp Fiction and Snakes on a Plane likes interiors that match his personality, this lamp is for him.




Chrome Spotlight Lamp

An undeniable awesome quirky lamp that would look incredible in a warehouse conversion apartment or a commercial space with open brick walls and an industrial feel. But we can’t help shake the feeling these spotlight lamps would attract a certain type of over protective partner. They would after all help you keep your eye on someone! Hence we are going for:
Glenn Close: or more specifically her famous portrayal of Alexandra Forrest in Fatal Attraction. The bunny boiling lover that resorts to emotional blackmailing and stalking in her refusal to let an affair end.*

Which lamps in our range can you match a celeb up with? — tell us in the comments!

*Disclaimer: we’re not suggesting you are in any way similarly inclined by purchasing said lamp. But if you are…bunny boilers are welcome to purchase!



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