Chateau Collection – BACK IN STOCK!

Sorry for shouting. We’ve gone a bit caps lock mad as we’re excited to announce that one of our most popular collections – so popular it went out of stock for a while. (We temporarily thought our customers had purchased the world’s last available French style dressing tables.) Is now available again for you to get your Chateau loving hands on!


Chateau Dressing Tables – In Gold, Silver, and White!
But that’s not all…you can now choose your French provincial style dressing tables from the three following finishes:
• Antique Gold
Antique Silver
Antique White

Each will bring something different to a room, all will look absolutely exquisite.

French Chateau Furniture
These elegant dressing tables are designed with French styling to invoke the beauty of the Renaissance period. Modelled on authentic antique pieces to provide a classic period style dressing table that has the practicality and build quality of a modern design. Our dressing tables are much loved for their intricate hand carved details and beautifully feminine design. The crisp, clean finish of either the white, gold or silver options will transform your bedroom or dressing area into a French style boudoir. Each table comes in a three piece set with matching mirror and stool. The complete solution for creating a beautiful, chic dressing area. It goes without saying that these pieces have been constructed using the finest quality materials. Making them hard wearing and perfect for remaining in your home for years to come.

Where to Put Your Chateau French Dressing Table?
Now your heart is set on transforming your bedroom into a period French retreat with your own Chateau dressing table. You don’t just have to decide which finish will work best in your bedroom or dressing area, you’ll also need to work out where to put it. Every room is different and we’re sure your home is especially unique, but there’s always space for a fab new dressing table. There’s a few things you will need to take into consideration when finding the perfect spot for your getting ready routine.

Take measurements of your bedroom and work out how to optimise the space to get the most out of the room. Remember to take into consideration walking space around the edge of beds and in front of wardrobe doors.

Skirting Boards / Radiators
Once you’ve settled on the ideal area make sure to check for radiator pipes and skirting boards as these can throw your carefully measured dimensions up in the air.

Picking the best spot for your dressing table will often come down to where attracts the most natural light, which is important for applying makeup. If you can’t be near a window then make sure a plug socket is close by for a lamp.

Head on over to the New Arrivals section now to choose the perfect Chateau dressing table for your bedroom.


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