Reviews Vintagevibe products and deliveries

When we started trading we based our business business model on the retail shop I had run since 2005 after a background in interiors and a passion for home making. We wanted to create the same feeling online that we had when customers walked in the shop. They used to mostly say the same thing…….

Its like an Aladinn’s cave and I love everything it was exciting seeing the delight that we had so much to offer. It was a small shop literally bursting at the seams with unusual and quirky home accessories and original vintage  furniture.  There is an old saying  you can’t run a business on bargains but we sort of have?


Our collection of classic furniture, shabby chic dressing tables original vintage and home accessories are priced to tempt you to click buy now without hesitation. Whether you order a white girls dressing table, large decorative silver mirror or large skeleton clock we have something to tempt you for your home today.


Customer satisfaction is in the front of our minds all the time we treat customers the way we would like to be treated ourselves and if the occasional thing goes wrong we deal with it by asking ” what do you think is fair”.

The desire grow our family business, enjoy the working day, give customers what they want at a price they can afford, and work with a reliable courier company has seen our business flourish and grow. Thank you for supporting us.

Wendy x

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