Time to Get Ready for Christmas with Our Quirky Clocks

It’s officially time to get ready for Christmas. You may not like it, but the Christmas songs are now playing in the shops, the promotions are already beginning, and the big brands have all released their Christmas TV adverts. John Lewis’ advert caught our eye in particular. A cute cartoon of a Bear witnessing Christmas for the first time thanks to his friend the Hare, it features just the one product: an alarm clock.

With that in mind, and as it’s time to start planning the Christmas dinner invites. We thought we’d feature a run down of some of our favourite clocks to help you keep track of the hours left until Santa arrives (990 at time of writing!).

Christmas Cuckoo Clocks – £75.00

[Image of clocks with Christmas hats from home slider here]

What better way to kick off the festivities than with a Santa themed cuckoo clock. Your clock may not come with a Santa hat attached but there’s nothing stopping you decorating it with one of your own!

Available in red, black or white, these hand made silhouette cuckoo clocks are unmissable. They look fantastic on any wall and are easy to mount. The clocks have been made to a forest themed design, with a circular pendulum, and a cute little window for the cuckoo to pop out and tell you when Christmas morning is here. Each clock features easy to read numerals with matching hands. The perfect kitchen wall clock.


Grandmother Clock – £170.00

We all know Christmas is a time for family and many choose to celebrate with their grandparents. Well, we have another vintage item for you here!

A stunning Grandmother clock made from a distressed red metal to give an authentic antique look. This large clock would look amazing in a hallway or reception area and the ghost design is unusual and sure to draw attention. You’ll see that the clock face is also distressed to compliment the vintage look of the curved casting. The open case makes the pendulum clearly visible which adds to the allure of this clock. Spend too long watching it tick back and forth and you’ll be sure to fall asleep…just like the grandparents on Christmas afternoon!


Large Jack Cafe Clock – £132.00

You won’t miss the time with this large clock in your home. This gorgeous “Cafe de la Tour” silver frame clock will dominate any wall and make a statement in any room. Measuring 110cm in diameter it is well suited to a bar, cafe, or retail space but would look fantastic in your home if you have the room. The Jack cafe clock is finished in an antique silver that has been purposely distressed to give a vintage look and add to the character of the clock. The clock face itself is an off white with a classic design and features Roman numerals and over size hands.

Jack - Extra Large Silver "Cafe de la Tour " 110cm Wall Clock

Get a Clock and Get Ready

We have plenty more clocks in our collection, but you’ll see from the three we have picked today that there’s something for everyone. So get a clock and get ready, because Christmas will creep up on you before you know it!


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