Officers Club – Gift Ideas for Him

It’s that time of year where you have to start rattling your brain to come up with Christmas gift ideas for him. Whether the him in your life is a boyfriend, husband, father or brother, buying for a man can be a difficult task. We’ve all been there, you ask them what they want and you’re met with a grunt of ‘nothing’ or ‘I don’t mind’. Yet when you buy them a new pack of socks for the 6th year in a row they don’t even try to hide the dissatisfaction on their face.

Well this year we’re going to help you get your man something they really want. Read on for a few gift ideas that should keep him happy this Christmas.

Keep Calm and Drink Wine Sign – £27.00

keep calm (266x800)

Why He’ll Love It: It’s quirky and retro without being too cutesy. The dark finish and capital lettering give it a manly edge. He’ll feel less guilty about that second glass of red after a tough day in the office. Why You’ll Benefit: The sign isn’t overtly masculine and you’ll still appreciate how lovely it will look in any home. Plus, even though you’ve bought for him, it will also give you some guilt free motivation to top up your own glass from time to time.

Wooden Valet Stand – £95.00


Why He’ll Love It: One word: multifunctional. Every man loves a gift that has a number of uses and this vintage wooden stand has many. He can use it hang a suit, display a dress-suit or uniform and use the ornate tray for keeping cufflinks, money, and trinkets safe. Plus the vintage distressed finish looks amazing. Why You’ll Benefit: Keeps his items safe and you’ll avoid any last minute screams of ‘where’s my cufflinks’.

Vintage Wooden Road Signs – £37.00


Why He’ll Love It: Available for a number of different football clubs stadiums. He’ll be able to proudly display his affection for his favourite sports team in style. Every time a game is on TV he’ll shoot longing glances at the sign and remember you with affection. Why You’ll Benefit: Honestly, you probably won’t! Unless you also happen to support the same football team and are happy to have their stadium name on a wall in your home.But remember, Christmas is a time for giving and it’s unselfish gifts such as these which often go down the best. Be kind!

Magnifying Glasses – £37.00

magnifying glass gold and shell cutout (491x640)

Why He’ll Love It: Pick from a number of charming magnifying glasses, each with their own style of decorative handle. He’ll love having a classic vintage accessory to decorate his desk or study with. Will help him feel sophisticated and important! Why You’ll Benefit: Remind him he has a magnifying glass every time he struggles with reading the paper or a clue in the crossword and eventually you’ll avoid being shouted at from another room to give him a hand.


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