Why We LOVE Lok n Store!

I would like to share with you what is a big part of the success of Vintagevibe.co.uk. Wendy and I started Vintagevibe as a part time business running along side our full time jobs. Only 7 years ago Wendy had her shop in Tunbridge Wells selling the same items as we now sell online. She could see that her business had to also move online to keep up with the shopping trends but Wendy at the time could barely send an email!
Starting an internet business was to say the least a challenge and where we started. Wendy and I are cousins and I am very much from a computer / accounts / admin back ground so our skill sets compliment each other. Wendy chose products she thought would sell well online and I started an ebay shop. We got our first website build by friends who held our hands through cyberspace http://www.meteorweb.co.uk
For the first few months Wendy would dispatch from the shop (which was tiny) but it soon became apparent this was not going to work as her customers were tripping over boxes when entering the shop and the City Link van parking on double yellow lines on the main road caused traffic chaos. We stumbled on to Lok n Store http://www.loknstore.co.uk/self-storage/tonbridge/ and started with a lockup storage room followed by 2 then 3.
Within under a year we needed a better solution and moved to their open storage consisting of a large warehouse on the ground floor. We rented a few bays and we didn’t feel at all concerned about any theft of stock as there is CCTV and when we are not there the open storage was locked.
Every visitor has to sign in so it would be hard to get past reception and make off with our goods. We are now enjoying year 7 and Loknstore have been very supportive. They have enjoyed seeing us grow and have now made us our own area at the back of the open storage warehouse where we can store our goods and dispatch each day

The benefits are enormous
We LOVE Lok n Store !

A) We only need to give a weeks notice so no tie in to a lease which can be a massive liability.
B) No extra costs such as rates, water, electricity, these costs are all included in the rental price.
C)The reception with friendly helpful staff is open 8.30 am -6 pm weekdays and also open Saturday and Sundays so if we have a delivery we do not have to be there. There are trolleys / pallets trucks and a fork lift so however large our delivery we can transport it to our area easily .
D) If we have a lot of stock in we can rent an extra bay and likewise if our stock runs down we only pay for the space we are using. A massive bonus as we grew rapidly and could not have afforded or predicted we needed so much space within a few years.
E) Tea and Coffee making facilities and we can book a nice warm meeting room if needed.

Every small growing internet business or indeed any business that needs storage could benefit from this amazing service.
A big thank you Lok n store without you we believe Vintagevibe.co.uk would not be the business it is now .

Lisa and Wendy and The Vintagevibe Team


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