What Does Your Mirror Say About You?

Looking at some of our most distinct mirrors let’s have a bit of fun and hypothesise what they might say about their owners. Do you see yourself in any of them? (here we are with the puns again…)

Circular Vintage Style Gold Antique Wall Mirror


A lovely slightly unusual and quirky mirror. This vintage style circular gold mirror features an attractive decorative border of many smaller circular bevelled mirrors, creating a mesmerising effect. The metal frame has been finished in antique style gold for a classic vintage look. This mirror would be a good idea for using in your hall, over a mantle or in a reception room. What it says about you: you’re different and have a very distinct sense of style. You would certainly rather be classed as ‘off-the-wall’ than ‘normal’. You are also very outdoorsy and love getting out in the fresh air whenever possible, as is reflected by the mirrors design being reminiscent of the sun’s beaming rays.

Large Gold Window Arch Mirror


Window arch mirrors are very popular currently and this is an excellent example of why. Consisting of twenty mirrored panels surrounded by a distressed wooden frame finished in an antique gold effect. It can be hung or leant against a wall and is perfect for a room with minimal natural light as it creates the illusion of a window and space. What it says about you: you long for open spaces and natural light. You’re a very visual person with a strong imagination. The window frame design reflects your desire to look into the future and visualise your life. You often day dream and can get lost in fantasy. We’d guess you’re an avid reader of fictional books and crave adventure.

Large Ornate Bronze Gold Mirror with Decorative Frame


This is a magnificent bronzed gold mirror with a large decorative frame featuring eight beveled panels overlaid with a beautiful metal floral design. With fluted hand cast detail the mirror is a museum quality replica in a vintage style and would be suitable for a hotel, restaurant, club or spa – as well as being wonderful for a home hallway or entrance to add a sense of grandeur to a space. What it says about you: you’re a strong minded person who knows what they want. Some people might call you stubborn but you’re not really, you’re just driven. You have an appreciation for the finer things in life and can be very detail orientated. Not one to shy away from attention you like to make a positive impression wherever you go.

Chateau Ornate Gold Antique Style Oval Mirror


A magnificent and ornate oval antique style mirror finished in antique gold to create that much sought after vintage appearance. Decorated with a fleur de lys style pattern featuring crested ends. This shape makes for a classic over mantle mirror as well as being ideal for a reception room or master bedroom. What it says about you: this mirror looks like it’s been pulled straight out of a fairy tale. Chances are if you were creating your own fairytale story you’d be the Princess waiting for the handsome Prince to rescue you from your ordinary life. Aren’t we all? What do you think of our suggestions and if you own any of the above mirrors did we get it right? This is just a bit of fun of course, but feel free to join in with your ideas of what a mirror can say about it’s owner below!


One thought on “What Does Your Mirror Say About You?

  1. Chichi Furniture says:

    What a fun piece, I like what you’ve said about each mirror, especially the last one being from a fairytale. I think mirrors are a fabulous addition to a room, as well as opening up a space and adding light, they are like art and can totally transform a room. Not sure what my mirror would say about me – its a very large rectangular mirror with simplistic detail and ivory white frame, maybe it says i’m not a loud personality, but like a serene/calm, understated chic feel to a room!

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