Bringing the Beach into the Bathroom

Bring the ship to shore with our brand new collection of nautical inspired home decorations and accessories. Have a look at our ‘Styles’ section found under the ‘Inspire Me’ tab. There you can find a complete range of attractive sea side themed items, from mirrors and folding shelves to porcelain salmons!


These pieces are perfect for transforming a bathroom into a beachside getaway. Or if you’re lucky enough to own your own sea side retreat, they are ideal for adding some authentic decoration to your coastal hide away.

Creating A Beachside Bathroom

Bathrooms are naturally an ideal environment for creating a seaside themed room. Hot, humid and with lots of running water, they’re practically a tropical beach already (less the sand!).

It won’t take a lot of work to transform yours. Try these items to help you mentally escape from a draining day and dream of sunnier shores the next time you sink into the bath.

Large Driftwood Mirrors

Of course no bathroom is complete without a mirror, and to create your seaside effect it’s the perfect place to start. We have a number of mirrors in our collection that have all been created using reclaimed wood. They are up-cycled and painted in an antique white for a rustic and aged finish.

Each mirror is unique. Being hand cut from old timber joists they each have their own knots and imperfections which add to the character and ensure your mirror is truly one of a kind.

The timber is a strong, slow grown pine that could comfortably pass as once being part of an exotic ship sailing the tropical seas.


Ceramic Lighthouse Candle Holder

We all love to light some candles when we kick back in the bubble bath, making this lighthouse candle holder a perfect accessory for your beach themed bathroom. With lots of tiny windows the candlelight will flicker and shine creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.


Dorset Collection White Wash Furniture

In this section you’ll find our Dorset collection of French antique design white wash furniture. Perhaps better suited for a bedroom, the console table would nevertheless be a welcome addition to a main bathroom given the space.

We feel it would compliment the beachside theme perfectly and provide a stylish solution to storage. We’d suggest pairing with some wicker baskets to slide in the space under the drawers for storing towels and linen.


Decorating Your Seaside Cottage

You don’t have to stop at the bathroom. This collection is also great for decorating holiday homes and beach houses. Give them that authentic nautical feel with the following unique items.

Black Porthole Mirror

Also available in white are these classic convex porthole mirrors. Available in three sizes, finished with a gold band between the frame and the mirror. These unique mirrors look stunning, especially when grouped along a hallway or corridor.


Light House Cocktail Shaker Lamp

Don’t have a beachside pad of your own but know someone that does? This exquisite and highly detailed silver plate cocktail shaker would make a wonderful gift. Intricately designed as a light house, it’s a wonderfully unique way to prepare cocktails…


…and the perfect excuse to enjoy a Margarita whilst watching the sunset!


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