Fitting Out a Tattoo Studio

Confession: we’ve not spent a huge amount of time in tattoo parlours. That might come as a surprise to some of you but it’s true!


We can imagine though that if you own a tattoo studio you’ll want to make sure the interior design is as trendy as the designs you’re inking onto your clients.


But where to go to get good furniture for a tattoo studio? Vintage Vibe! That’s where.


Don’t believe us? You don’t think we’re cool enough do you. Well let us prove you wrong. Check out some of these awesome items that we know can look great in even the edgiest of tattoo shops.


Black Mirrors


Mirrors are a vital ingredient, we know that much. Whilst some people might refer to close their eyes until it’s all over, there will be plenty of seasoned tattoo vets who want to keep an eye on the artist as he performs his magic.


We have some extra large black mirrors that would be excellent for running either horizontally, vertically or diagonally (what? you never know) across walls.


We are particularly fond of our large antique style ornate black leaner mirror (Vallery) with its thick and robust frame. It has quite a menacing look to it and would be fantastic contrasted against an off white wall.



Superhero Comic Chairs


Strong and comfortable these Louis style chairs have been upholstered in a vintage comic stripe leather upholstery. Each chair has a distressed finish to a frame that has been carved from hardwood. There may be some minor imperfections and the odd missing stud but this is intentional and adds to the appeal.


We have different chairs available each with their own comic strip finish. Choose from:


  • Batman
  • Superman
  • Marvel Avengers
  • Hulk
  • Spiderman


Very popular with our commercial clients these chairs are perfect for a waiting area or simply as a unique feature item.

comic book chairs pair style

Black Leather Louis Chairs


Comic books not really your style or the image you’re going for? Then why not try our faux leather all black Louis style armchairs. Incredibly sexy they feature black buttons with a metal stud edging.


Comic Chest

If the comic book look is in fact a style you’d like to see in your tattoo studio then you can also achieve it with our vintage chests.


These vintage bombe style chests of drawers are real works of art finished with a black and white comic book wrap. They make great conversation pieces and can be used for storage or in a reception / waiting area.


Have a favourite comic book? Why not frame it and hang it above your chest.

comic book bombe chest

A Growing Industry


So maybe we’re not regulars but we know that the tattoo industry is going from strength to strength in the UK. Some of the work these guys do is truly special.


And if you own a tattoo studio you can rely on us to help you kit out your business with the best commercial furniture.


Our items can be found in commercial salons, stores and high streets all around the country. We have plenty of experience shipping to commercial clients and are happy to advise you with any queries you may have over dimensions, durability and delivery.



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