Get Your Home Ready For Valentines Day

Valentines day is drawing ever nearer. Who knows where the time goes? It only feels like yesterday we were preparing for Christmas and now we’re a month into 2014 and getting excited about the not so distant arrival of Spring (fingers crossed…).


But Valentines day can sometimes be a date we don’t really look forward to. Of course if you’re single you’ll be sick of it already. Though there are many in relationships who may silently envy you.


That’s because Valentines can often be a real pain in the backside. The idea of heading out for a romantic meal with your loved one sounds great in theory. But in reality it’s not always so enjoyable.


It could be compared to New Years Eve in some ways. You pay more than usual to go to the same places you always do, only for it to be busier and receive often worse service than you would on a ‘normal’ night of the week.


So what’s the answer? Boycott Valentines Day?


No, don’t be silly. The answer is to bring the romance home. No need to make reservations weeks in advance, no need to organise taxis and no need to call the babysitter.


Turn Your Home into a Romance Inducing Hideaway…


…with our romantic inspired home accessories.


Enjoy each others company in privacy. Design your own special menu for the evening, tackle the cooking together and let the kids do the washing up.


And what’s even better, the romance can last for more than one night only. All the items below will continue to look great all year round and remind you of the best Valentines day you’ve ever had!


Large Heart Shaped Mirror – Ginny


This gorgeous mirror has a stunning heart shaped frame that has been decorated with hundreds of small roses in a muted bronzed silver finish. You can’t get more romantic than that!


Ginny would be an excellent way to start the night. Put her over your favourite dressing table for the ideal getting ready mirror. There’s a reason why this one is so popular with beauty salons and hairdressers.


Antique Style Venetian Heart Wall Mirror – Roxy


Another romantic mirror, Roxy has a pretty venetian style frame that has been etched with a floral pattern and has bevelled glass.


Any men reading this take note; Roxy would make a wonderful Valentines gift. Check out the image on our home page for a unique way to personalise this gift and other Valentines day gift ideas.


Metal Heart Hanging Tea Light Holder


Now to really create that romantic atmosphere you’re going to need some mood lighting and candles. You can’t go wrong with candle light to create the romantic setting you’re after.


Why not try these heart shaped hanging tea light holders. With a long chain and hook they can be hung all over the home. Use them to decorate the dining room or create a mystery path leading to the bedroom…






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