Opulence is Trending

The economy is growing faster than at any point since the crash. The Wolf of Wall Street is a hit in cinemas. The Telegraph are branding a new wave of wealthy modern young professionals as ‘Neo-Yuppies’. It seems greed really is good again.


Perhaps not.


But it does appear opulence is trending again. And it has made its way back into modern interior design. You needn’t look any further than the recent Celebrity Big Brother house for evidence of this.


Some might call it ‘bling’ or garish. Others might see it as a short lived fad that’s sure to pass as quickly as it’s come (back).


Either way, there are many young professionals influenced by popular culture and TV who now have the wealth necessary to splash out and demonstrate their success with highly decorative pieces.


So if a louder than life look is the one you want in your home the following should on your shopping list, sandwiched between the Lamborghini and Yacht.


Making the Opulence Style Work for You


Far be it beyond us to tell anyone how to decorate their homes but we will always champion vintage, we are Vintage Vibe after all!


However, we do have a number of items in store that we believe when used in restraint can achieve an opulent look whilst still remaining classy.


Personally we believe moderation is the key. You look at the Big Brother house and it’s gold as far as the eye can see: the walls, the taps, the gold statues.


We prefer to feature one or two opulent pieces in an otherwise contemporary room. That way they stand as features in their own right and the overall essence of the space isn’t compromised.


Louis Style Chairs


As featured in the Big Brother house the Louis Style Lounge Chair is a symbol of opulence. With a striking curved leg design and the option of choosing from dozens of finishes. These chairs are bestsellers for their ability to turn heads and really make a statement.


They can be used in just about any room in a home from the bedroom to the living room and even in reception areas. They are also a big hit with commercial buyers. If you want to kick back in high class fashion start here.


Rococo Mirrors


These highly decorative mirrors are available in a variety of finishes but if the Big Brother house is your idea of heaven you’ll probably want make like Usain Bolt and go for the gold.


Crushed Glass Lamps


These lamps can really ramp up the energy of a room. Suitable for a period home if used in isolation when paired with a Louis Chair and a Rococo Mirror you’re looking at a whole different atmosphere.


Really want to stand out? Go for the Purple crushed glass mosaic body with antique silver base. It’s just about to come in stock and you can be one of the first to pick them up.


Mirrored Tables


Need something awesome to show off your new lamp? Look no further than our Venetian glass black cube lamp tables. Also available in silver these mirrored tables scream anything but boring.



One thought on “Opulence is Trending

  1. Chichi Furniture says:

    I agree that these pieces look best when they stand out as key features in a room. An elaborate gold mirror on a huge neutral wall will make far more of an impact than if lost in a busy scheme. Equally one or two key stylish furniture pieces, maybe upholstered in a chosen colour, that can then be carried throughout the rest of the room can work really well.

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