New Country Classics Collection – Great for All Rooms

We’ve added some great new items to the store recently and wanted to take this opportunity to showcase an exciting new range of furniture, the Country Classics Collection.


We thought the best way to show off some of the delightful pieces in this range was to discuss some ideas on how they can be used in a variety of different rooms to give any space a classic, yet contemporary, country style.


Traditionally the rustic country theme was restricted to the kitchen, occasionally spilling over into a dining area. But now with these new contemporary twists on a country classic, the farmhouse theme can be used to great effect in any room.


Country Classic Coffee Table

Room: Living Room


A vintage style coffee table with a natural wood top and antique white finish base. Coffee tables don’t come much more elegant than this. It’s a classic country style coffee table but the classic design and detailed finishing elevate it above a simple farmhouse tea holder.


This table would fit right at home in any living room, reception area or family room as easily as it would in a cosy cottage in front of a roaring fire.


Where could you put it to use?


Country Classic Bedside Cabinets and Dressing Table

Room: Bedroom


Want to bring some of the country and farmhouse charm into the bedroom? Now you can with our various country classic designed bedside tables available in this new range. From a lovely pair of three drawer bedside tables to a classic five drawer tall boy.


And better still, they all pair fantastically with the charming two drawer dressing / console table that can be used in a bedroom as a desk, dressing area or sideboard.


Country Classic Dresser and Sideboard Combo

Room: Kitchen / Dining Room / Living Room


As we mentioned earlier, traditionally the kitchen would be a room that would benefit most from a country theme, and of course it hasn’t been left out from this collection.


In fact one of the finest pieces in this range is this classic antique white painted dresser and sideboard combination with a natural wooden top.


It provides ample storage for dining wear, crockery and cutlery and is perfect for a country kitchen as well as being suitable for a dining or living room – the natural wooden top being an ideal place for picture frames and ornaments.


If your kitchen has a tiled or slate floor, this sideboard will look just perfect.


Country Classic Large Trunk Coffee Table

Room: Use Your Imagination!


Lastly we include this large trunk coffee table that features a double hinged top for access to the storage in the base and is available in a range of colours from grey, black, and olive to pale mint and antique white.


This useful addition to the range can really be used in any room of the house. It could make a great coffee table for a large living room in need of extra storage solutions. It might also be used in a bedroom to double up as a blanket box. Or it could be an ideal table for a playroom and used to store toys when they’re not in use.


Really it just sums up this new Country Classics range in that when you put your imagination to use you’ll find these pieces can look lovely in just about any room and with any theme.



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