Life’s Easier with an Easel

Cream easel wedding styleshot
New ornate easels have just come in and we thought we’d set ourselves a little challenge. We’ve blogged before about our easels. How an easel can be used in a home in a range of creative ways. And now we’re at it again.


It’s time to rack our brains and come up with some more unique ways you can feature an ornate easel in your interior design. Because frankly easels are stunning and they deserve to be enjoyed by more than just artists.


So read on to discover how one of our new easels can fit in your home and please feel free to add your own creative ideas in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.




This might take a little bit of DIY on your part, but an easel can be an exceptionally cool alternative to the standard bookshelf. Depending on how adventurous you are you can either place a single plank across the easel, or if you’re pretty handy with a hammer and saw you can insert multiple shelves rising up the frame of the easel.


Either way you’re left with a feature item that is both practical and eye catching. Books look best to compliment the artsy style of an easel but you could equally store CD’s or DVD’s.


TV Stand


Again you might need to be brave, and perform a little bit more DIY to reinforce the easel, but it’s possible to easily turn any ornate easel into a beautiful TV stand.


This can be a great way of featuring a TV in a bedroom. A room that is notoriously hard to hide a TV in in a classy and stylish way.


Large Photo Stand


Do you have a favourite photo or canvas print? Perhaps a large family portrait or a special landscape shot from your most recent holiday? Don’t be like everyone else and put it on the wall. Get an equally special easel to show off your special shots.


The great thing about featuring photos on an easel is how people are more inclined to look at it. And when the family grows up and you gave a re-shoot taken, it’s easy to swap out the old and replace it with the new.




Not wanting to leave any of the younger generation out we thought a nice way for children to benefit from an easel in a bedroom or playroom would be as a stand for a blackboard or whiteboard.


Encourage them to express their creative side and jazz up a bedroom with a blackboard on an ornate easel.


Signage for an Event

Hosting a party? Throwing an event at a local venue? Just having some friends over for a BBQ? Use an easel to display your signage. Get creative and show off a menu for an event, a seating plan, directions or even feature a flip chart which can be used by guests as an alternative to a guest book.


So, there you have it – five more original ways to feature an easel in your home. Now there’s really no excuse not to go out and grab one of your own.


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