Officers Club – How to Create a Classic Masculine Look


There’s more than one way to give a home a masculine design. In a previous blog we introduced you to the Bachelor Pad collection with a look at some items for the flashier man.


In this article we’ll run through ways to create a more understated and sophisticated masculine design. Think of this as a ‘how to create your own classic drawing room’ guide for the modern man.


Use these suggestions to create an apartment or room that can become your escape from the world. A den for relaxation, drinking and perhaps the occasional game of poker.


Leather Couches


Whatever your intention is in your apartment or man cave, you’re going to need somewhere to sit. Whether it’s to relax after a hard day at work, chat with friends or chill out after a day on the golf course.


Enter the vintage style Chesterfield brown leather sofa. One of the most gorgeous sofas we’ve ever had in stock, this classic design is the staple of any traditional drawing room. It oozes masculinity and doesn’t just look great – it’s incredibly comfortable too.


Constructed from a wooden frame, the sofa has deep padded removable cushions finished with leather buttons to complete this timeless look.


Vintage Globes


Whilst the attraction of this type of design is in its understated nature, everyman likes to gently show off on occasion. What better way to do this than with a vintage globe. Not only do they look impressive but they suggest an owner who is sophisticated and well travelled.


Can’t decide where you want to go on your next vacation? Give the globe a blindfolded spin, stop it with your finger and set the co-ordinates of your yacht to the mystery destination.


Desk Clocks


We have a wide range of desk clocks in this collection and they make an ideal accompaniment to a modern gentleman’s hideaway. It’s all in the details after all.


Leather-Bound Books


Anyone who has seen Anchorman will be familiar with the Ron Burgundy line: “I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany”. Said in an attempt to impress a love interest, you too can show off your intellectual prowess by stacking your shelves with these leather-bound book boxes.


They’re not actually books, but have a hollowed interior to make a practical storage solution. Just don’t let anyone take them off the shelf or you’ll get found out!


Wine Rack


Now you have turned your apartment into a gentleman’s paradise you’ll want to share it with your friends. And what social occasion is complete without a drink to accompany it. Traditionally you’d be offering up your finest scotch, but if you don’t want to waste that on your mates a glass of red will suffice.


Use this industrial re-engineered wine rack to store all of your bottles. It come with storage boxes and the rack is on wheels for easy manoeuvring. If there’s no room in your man cave, consider putting this wine rack in a cool and dry place such as a pantry, cellar or garage and bring up your favourite bottle as required.


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