Check it Out Before You Step Out With Full Length Dress Mirrors

Full Length Mirror


It’s 19:19 pm, the venue is half an hour away and the party starts at 19:30 pm. You have a reputation for being late and this time you really want to buck the trend. In a futile effort to make up for lost time you quickly slip on the first pair of heels you see that vaguely match your outfit and rush out of the front door.


It’s not until you finally make it to the party, just the 20 minutes late (go you!) that you catch yourself in the host’s full-length dress mirror. It’s then that you realise your heels don’t quite match your dress the way you thought they did.


We’ve all been there. Whether it’s by way of being rushed and forced into a style choice we wouldn’t normally make, or more commonly by simply not having a suitable full-length mirror to assess our whole outfit in.


Never Wear a Mismatching Outfit Again


This type of fashion faux pas can be easily avoided. If you’re late, go buy yourself an alarm clock! If you want to check yourself out from head to toe before stepping out of the front door, grab yourself a fabulous full-length mirror.


And if you’re always late and find yourself jumping up and down to catch a full body glimpse in a hallway mirror; go buy yourself an alarm clock AND a full length mirror!


Full Length Dress Mirrors


What’s even better about buying a full length dress mirror is that you’re not only ensuring you can always check yourself from head to toe before any big occasion, you’re also buying a stunning addition to your home that can add wonders to the design of any room.


Here are 3 beautiful mirror choices to get you started:


Vintage Style Distressed Stone Dress Mirror


A large dressing mirror finished in a distressed stone effect shabby chic paint finish. An ideal option for a vintage styled master bedroom, the frame of this mirror has a classic French design with a gently curved top and beaded edge.


Suitable for hanging as well as the convenient option of using as a leaner mirror, the neutral finish makes it fit nicely into a wide array of colour schemes and rooms. It will never look out of place, unlike those heels you grabbed in panic.


Oval Frameless Cheval Dressing Mirror


A great choice for a less imposing effect, the frameless nature of this full-length mirror allows it to slip subtly into any room, conveniently standing on a beautiful silver floral and foliage carved metal stand.


Large Gold Free Standing Dress Mirror


A decorative freestanding full-length dress mirror complete with a fleur de lys style crest and finished in an antique gold. This exquisite mirror would make a stunning centre piece of a lavish bedroom, as well as being extremely popular with our commercial customers for use in bridal shops and dressing rooms.


Have a peek inside our Dress Mirror category for many more full-length mirrors that will save you from silly fashion slip-ups.


We don’t currently stock alarm clocks, but what’s wrong with being fashionable late?

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