7 Stylish Mirror Shapes

What’s your favourite mirror shape?


1. Round and Oval Mirrors



A classic round or oval mirror can be used in any room in your home. A timeless mirror shape that will never go out of fashion, oval mirrors are extremely versatile and can be slotted effortlessly into any design. Available in a wide range of styles or sizes, there is sure to be a round or oval mirror that will add some elegance to your home.


2. Fish Eye Convex Mirror


A quirky and cool mirror shape, the fish eye style mirror adds a unique touch to any wall. The convex glass creates a porthole style effect that can be used to jazz up a nautical themed bathroom or as a special wall feature in a hall. These mirrors are a great way of adding some charm to any space.


3. Heart Shaped Mirrors


Heart Shaped Mirror


For that romantic touch you can’t beat a heart shaped mirror. Often used as gifts to celebrate a special moment, such as a couple’s first home or to celebrate an anniversary, the heart shaped mirror is a delicate and beautiful mirror choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways.


4. Rectangular Mirrors


They might be the most common choice of mirror, but rectangular shaped mirrors are popular for a good reason. The simple four sided design fits flush with the straight lines of a room meaning rectangular mirrors are perfect for aligning with existing wall hangings, matching with window designs and doorways. Their design allows for the mirror to be hung both in a horizontal and vertical position, depending on your wall space and the effect you are looking to achieve.


5. Sun Shaped Mirrors




Sun shaped mirrors offer a striking and eye catching way to jazz up a wall, bringing both the practicality of a mirror with the beauty of a piece of art. A truly unique shaped mirror that is available in a variety of styles and designs. Sun shaped mirrors are wonderful in rooms that are full of natural light, watching the light reflect off your mirror is like having your very own rays of sunshine beam from the walls of your home.


6. Unique Shaped Mirrors


Not all mirrors follow a formulaic design; some of the most impressive mirror shapes are uniquely designed for purpose. Our favourites include shield shaped mirrors, perfect for those of a royal persuasion, and portrait shaped mirrors where the frame is often given a delicate floral design to depict that of a prestigious portrait frame.


7. Window Panel Mirror



A mirror design that commonly incorporates an arch shape and will often feature hinged panels to the side. You will find the windowpane shaped mirror often used on dressing tables or as a leaner full length-dressing mirror. The angled shaped mirrors give the impression of an open window and are perfect for rooms with little to no natural light.


All of the above mirror shapes and more can be found in our extensive mirror collection, be sure to check them out and let us know in the comments which mirror shape is your favourite.


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