Gold Mirrors – Your Guide

Gold mirrors are back in vogue in a big way. Here’s your personal guide to making gold mirrors work in your home, and we answer that age-old question…can you mix silver and gold together?


Why Gold Works


Nothing screams opulence quite like a grand gold mirror. However, gold had started to slip out of fashion in recent times with some finding it too pretentious and in your face for their chosen style.


But there are still those of us who aren’t afraid to use gold in our interiors, and we are now starting to see gold re-emerge as a powerful interior design force. This isn’t surprising, as those of us who appreciate gold features in our homes know the benefits…


As a precious metal lusted after by man for centuries, gold truly is timeless. It signifies richness, adventure and prosperity. Once the privilege of the rich, famous and royalty, gold is now used tactfully in all manner of interior design to add class, style and wow factor.


Of course too much gold, as with any aspect of design, will become overpowering and you will risk bordering on the pretentious. That’s why we love the idea of splashing out on a stunning gold mirror to add this priceless ingredient into your home.


Check out some of these mirrors for inspiration…


Large Ornate Antique Gold Wall Mirror



This is a fantastic example of a baroque Chippendale style antique gold mirror and exactly the type of mirror to go for to make an impressive statement in your home. Remember how we said gold gives your home the wow factor; well this is the mirror to do it with.


An impressive metre and a half tall it is ideally suited to a hallway or reception room (somewhere it will be regularly admired) that features large ceilings. We’ve seen them used as over-mantle mirrors and they look absolutely exquisite.


Gold Rococo Style Leaner Mirror



We’ve picked this mirror to highlight, as it’s a combination of two interior design trends that are massively in vogue. Here you are mixing the impressive gold finish with the fabulous Rococo design that is becoming so popular of late.


This mirror is really all about the impressive double frame, lavishly adorned with intricate leaf detailing and floral mouldings. It’s a perfect gold mirror for a traditional period property.


Can You Mix Silver and Gold?


The short answer is…




Most people will usually have a preference for one or the other, with modern living making many lean towards silver, or chrome as it’s more fashionable cousin. However, with some simple experimenting you can elevate your interior to a unique new level or glitz and glamour by slowly introducing gold items.


Have a quick flick through any modern interior design book and you will see gold chandeliers sharing space in a kitchen with silver taps and chrome appliances. In the living room you will find art deco gold lamps working effortlessly with antique silver picture frames.


What you’ll notice is that done correctly, silver and gold mixed together brings out the best in both. Why not try it for yourself and let us know how you get on!


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