5 Unique Garden Bench Ideas

Looking for some inspirational garden bench ideas? This collection has something for everyone from wraparound tree benches to benches that look great in a conservatory. So if you’re keen to take a break in the garden this summer. Or you enjoy entertaining and need more seating solutions. Have a look through the 5 examples below and see which one suits your summer plans.


1)  White Metal Butterfly Design Garden Bench


We’re big fans of this quirky butterfly design bench. Look closely and you’ll see the seat back has been designed as a stunning butterfly with its wings unfolded wide and ready for flight. With a strong and sturdy frame it seats two comfortable, or three little ones!

Give it pride of place on a patio and dress it up with some equally exciting cushions for a great centrepiece this summer. Alternatively bring it indoors for use in a hallway or even bathroom; it looks great on wood and tile flooring.

Buy it now for £98.00


2)  Green Circular Metal Tree Bench


A classic circular tree bench, this vintage designed bench is a great addition to any garden. There’s something special about relaxing under the shade of overhanging tree branches and getting lost in a good book. If that sounds like a good plan then upgrade from the grass with this hand made beauty.

It makes a great feature of your favourite tree and is deceptively sturdy. The soft green finish will blend nicely with your outdoors and just gets better with age.

Buy it now for £187.00


3)  Green Metal Garden Bench or Stool


Is it a bench or is it a stool? Without a seat back it’s difficult to say! But what we do know is this garden seating idea is extremely versatile giving you the option of switching the direction your facing (making sure you’re catching the sun at all times).

Decorate with some soft cushions against each arm and you could even use it as a lounger. Even better, it looks just as great in the conservatory as it does in the garden

Buy it now for £80.00


4)  Vintage Hand Painted Blue Bench


This is a stunner, vintage styled, hand painted in an aged teal finish and with some exceptional carved floral detailing in the back panels. We absolutely love this bench.

Purposefully designed to portray that antique aged effect, the red primer is showing through in places to replicate the wear and tear look that is so wonderful. This bench is brilliant for a decked area or patio but it’s so nice we wonder whether it would be better in doors where it can be seen all year round.

Buy it now for £148.00


5)  White Metal Garden Bench


Benches don’t come more British than this classic white metal garden bench. Perfect for an English country garden, it’s the vintage style antique design that never goes out of fashion and will be enjoyed by generation after generation.

The design of the bench features a gentle scroll to the arms and a lovely diamond patterned back. The struts underneath the seat give it extra support and detailing. Why not jazz it up with some vibrant and funk cushions for a unique twist? Bring it indoors in the winter for storage or use in a conservatory, kitchen or lounge area.

Buy it now for £135.00


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