A Look at a Lighting Icon: The Anglepoise Lamp

We’ve recently added a selection of iconic Anglepoise products to our lamp collection and felt it appropriate to shed some light on how their lamps have become ingrained in popular culture and design, becoming one of our quintessentially British brands.




Engineered by an Engineer

You’ll know Anglepoise for producing an unrivalled series of practical task lamps that are suited for both domestic and commercial interiors.

But did you know that the now famous design was originally conceptualised by an automotive engineer, George Carwardine (a suitable surname for a car designer…). He developed a theoretical concept for balancing weights with springs, cranks and levers to create constant tension. In 1933 the first four-spring Anglepoise lamp was launched.


Famous Friends

In 2009 the original Angepoise design was featured on a Royal Mail stamp to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Other images of iconic British design included in the celebratory stamp collection were the K2 Telephone Kiosk, the Routemaster bus, the London Underground Map and the Mini. Demonstrating just how highly regarded the lamps are by the prestigious company they keep.


Extremely Resilient

Replicating the stiff upper lip us British our renowned for, the Anglepoise lamps are legendary for working in even the most unlikely of situations. In 1939 an Anglepoise lamp was salvaged from the Loch Ness by a crew searching for a WWII Wellington bomber (the lamps were produced for WWII bombers between 1939-1944). Incredibly, the lamp was still in working order – and still works today!

You can find the working lamp at the Brooklands Museum in Surrey.


Wide Variety and Usage

Today there are over 6 different collections of Anglepoise lamps, each offering a distinctly British design in a variety of heights, sizes and colours.

Used for everything from desk lamps to sofa lamps, and used by all from architects to the everyday student – the Anglepoise is a pillar of British design and we are proud to feature the product in our lamp collection.

We have both Large and Extra Large Anglepoise Lamps available and in a wide selection of colours. You can choose from:


  • Lime Green
  • Baby Blue
  • Orange
  • Polished Copper
  • Pure White
  • Black
  • Chrome


Did You Know?

Roald Dahl had an Anglepoise lamp on his desk in his writing hut. You have the light of an Anglepoise to thank for illuminating the words that went into some of the nations favourite stories including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the BFG.

In fact, Anglepoise were approached by the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre to produce a giant version of the original lamp that sat on his desk. They created three; one for the centre, one for the 100% Design Exhibition in London and a third was sold to film director Tim Burton.

So if you like the sound of owning a piece of British design heritage that is revered by creatives like Dahl and Burton, among many, many others. Click on over to our lamp collection now.


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