A Guide to Venetian Mirrors

What is a Venetian mirror, where did they originate and why should you be featuring one of these beautiful designs in your home? Find out here…


Italian Design

Venetian mirrors originate from…you guessed it, Venice! Creative Italian artisans living in the 16th century would create Venetian mirrors for noblemen and royalty. Their painstaking and intricate works of art marked the beginnings of the breathtaking Venetian mirror designs we see today.

Thankfully we needn’t be a king or queen in order to enjoy the benefits of a Venetian mirror today, and you’ll see them featuring in elegant interiors across the world.

Why So Special?

What distinguishes Venetian mirrors from their less glamorous counterparts is their characteristically long lines and luxurious sweeping arches. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including rectangles, ovals and circles – all featuring polished edges and mirrored boarders.

If you’re looking for something a little different you might find one with delicate etching around the perimeter of the mirror, in addition to some floral and feminine detailing. It’s this attention to detail, yet understated style, that makes Venetian mirrors so well loved and versatile enough to feature on nearly any wall in the home.

A Lone Star

Just as the brightest star in the sky would look stunning regardless of whether it was surrounded by other smaller stars, the Venetian mirror has the ability to look incredible all by itself.

Whilst some mirrors might need dressing up with accents or accessories, the Venetian will look stylish on any wall as a focal point that doesn’t require any other additions to steal the show.

Design Idea

To make the most of your Venetian mirror we recommend placing it on a wall across from a window in a light and airy room. As all surfaces of a Venetian mirror are reflective it’s a great way make a room appear brighter, more spacious and extremely inviting.

This works particularly well in small bathrooms and hallways where natural light is often at a minimum.

Buy Venetian Mirrors

Click on the link above to visit our collection of stunning Venetian mirrors. We have everything from circular style Venetian mirrors to large art deco rectangular examples and even Venetian mirrors featuring fabulous crested details.

If you require any help choosing the perfect Venetian mirror for your home don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’ll make sure you find a mirror design that originates from the 16th century but looks fantastic in your home today.


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